Have I got a slimy secret for you!!


Meet my friend Samantha. Isn't she beautiful???  Do you want to know her secret??? Yup, girlfriend rubs snail slime all over her face.  Two times a day actually, and two different kind of snail mucus too.  Are you gagging yet???  Hold that reflex until I explain. I haven't seen Samantha in about 8 months since we live in different states.  Lucky me got to be reunited with her in Denver, CO ... [ Read More ]

Did you hear?

stitch fix 2

STITCH FIX HAS SHOES!!!!!!  That's right....my favorite, front door service, clothing company is now offering shoes!!  And not only that, but they asked me to come hang with them in Hollywood for the day to share this news on Access Hollywood.....say what?!?!?!  It will be airing tomorrow night March 17th at 7:30pm PST. With over 200 shoe styles from brands you love, now your stylist can truly ... [ Read More ]



So maybe blogging didn't fit into my 2015 agenda, but so many other wonderful things did.  2015 was truly one of the best years yet.  2016 you've got your work cut out for you but with my boys by my side, all things are possible. ... [ Read More ]

July Stitch Fix


All rested up from an awesome 4th of July weekend, and here to share my latest Stitch Fix delivery.  Are you still new to the Stitch Fix world and have never treated yourself to one yet?  Well then let me tell you about what you're missing out on. * Fill out a super fun style profile HERE * Spend $20 to schedule your first fix * Get excited for that front door delivery of 5 hand selected ... [ Read More ]

Summer Summer Summertime


Time to sit back and unwind.... (or something like that). So let's start with the obvious but HELLO neglected blog!  Im surprised I even remembered my password to get into this thing.   Now that it's the Summer I am going to have so much more free time to get back into blogging...riiiiight!  Since I know that's the furthest thing from the truth I wanted to at least get some photos up here to ... [ Read More ]