Clean Eating Chicken Fajitas


For the last month we have been eating clean for the good majority of all of our meals.  This is a goal I set for myself and was concerned about implementing it into our daily routine for the family as well.  Greg has been 100% on board, but I am still working on getting creative enough to keep Shane and Nathan interested.  We are doing great with fruits, and my dinner meals, but I am still ... [ Read More ]

Cupid’s Been Here


Holidays are my favorite excuse for getting crafty and adding some festive DIY projects to our home decor.  With February a day away, I thought it would be fun to share some of the Valentine's Day crafts I have completed.  I think I have hit my quota for all things pink and glittery this past month, but that's what makes this one of my favorite holidays to get festive with!  Moving forward I will ... [ Read More ]

Shane’s Sock Monkey 1st Birthday

Shane has always been our little monkey since the day he was born.  The first morning they met, his big brother Nathan had placed his gift of a sock monkey doll into Shane's isolate at the hospital, and we have loved those little iconic monkeys ever since.   We had so many cute photos  of Shane with his beloved sock monkey that it seemed to the be obvious choice for a theme for his first birthday ... [ Read More ]

24 Day Challenge Results


This was the first year I set a New Year's resolution for myself to "lose weight". I wasn't sure what I was going to do, which approach I was going to take, or how I was going to find something that fit my schedule with these busy boys. I had been working out, and I thought I was eating healthy but nothing was happening! I held on to 7 pounds from my pregnancy with Nathan and then another 7 with ... [ Read More ]

Back to Blogging

I had a's a very neglected blog.  I decided that 2013 would be my year to give this another go!  After the birth of my second son things got busy around here and I have since dedicated my time fully to being a stay at home mom. I think we have finally found our groove (he finally lets me sleep) that I now have the time to fit blogging back in. I'm excited to have a place to share my ... [ Read More ]