DIY Moss Spring Wreath

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If there is anything you will come to learn about me it's that I am wreath obsessed.  I have them hanging all over our house, and I will change up our front door with each passing holiday and season.  While I could go crazy and transition my Valentine's Day wreath into a St. Patty's Day one and then an Easter wreath...I've decided to keep things simple and make one I can have up for all of Spring. ... [ Read More ]

24 Day Challenge: UPDATE

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I stumbled out of bed this morning barely alive from night two of very minimal sleep (our boys are sick AGAIN, it's too sad to even talk about-they are getting better though and that's what's important).  On my way to brush my teeth, I tripped over the scale with my eyes half open and decided just to stand on it and see if it wanted to be my friend today.  It thought about it for a second, and ... [ Read More ]

Toddler Chevron Art

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There is nothing that makes Nathan more proud than showing off his artwork, especially pieces that we hang on the fridge or the walls.  The only problem is he comes home with piles of art every week from preschool and I can't possible find a place to hang it all.  I have been using the app called Artkive via my iPhone, and I totally love it.  You can take photos of their art, save it to the app ... [ Read More ]

On the Mend!

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It's been a crazy last 2 weeks in our household.   I wish I could say we were too busy having fun, but unfortunately this germ-infested winter hit our boys hard and knocked us off our feet for awhile.  They both started with a mild cough and cold, and before you knew it fevers were up to 104, there was pneumonia, RSV, ear infections and too many sleepless nights and trips to Urgent Care that it ... [ Read More ]