Weekend Recap & Phone photo dump


Is it really already Tuesday?  What a fun last 4 days we had around here!  I'm spent!!  I have a camera full of photos to edit, but zero motivation to actually do so.  For now, here is an update from our weekend with a whole bunch of iPhone photos. Friday we went to Tanaka Farms with some friends and did a tractor tour and strawberry picking.  The kids had an awesome time eating freshly picked ... [ Read More ]

Did Daddy Kiss Me?

photo (13)

Every morning before Greg leaves to work he does his round of kisses and says his "I Love You"s.  Since both our boys are early risers we are normally all awake to say bye to Daddy at his 7:00am departure.  On the rare occasion Nathan sleeps in, or Greg needs to leave to work early, we always have a bit of an issue on our hands if Nathan doesn't get a kiss from his dad.  Usually our mornings will ... [ Read More ]

DIY Behavior Chart {to help keep Mommy in check too}

Behavior Chart

While looking through Pinterest last night I came across this behavior chart.  It really stood out to me as something that I thought could work well with Nathan.  Lately I have been trying to come up with a solution for his constant request for things....Mommy, after school can we go to the mall and get a Lego Police Station?  Mommy, after we go to your store we can go to my store and I'll get ice ... [ Read More ]

What we’ve been eating


Although I haven't been keeping up with my Monday Meal Plans via the blog, they are always ongoing in our home.  I feel like our household has been upside down the last few weeks, but the one thing that remains constant and simple to maintain is what we are eating. I look forward to making dinner because there is some organization to it which seems to be lacking from the rest of my day. Here ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap


I don't know about you guys but I am totally dragging this Monday!  We had such a fun weekend that I think I am just feeling bummed that's it over.  Or maybe it's because we were on the constant go go go, and my exhaustion is finally catching up with me.  Either way, my eyelids are feeling heavy while I type this. Friday was in the 80s and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  There was a nice ... [ Read More ]

Fashion Advice Friday


You will probably never see a fashion post from me unless it revolves around gym clothes and sneakers.  I'm here asking for fashion advice this Friday, because I am the last person who should be giving any. You know that Bachelorette party I went to a few weeks ago?  Well that lovely lady is having her wedding in a month and this mama needs a dress!  Have you guys ever used Rent The Runway ... [ Read More ]

{I need to} Workout Wednesday

school photo

I'm happy today is hump day, because I'm really hoping to get over it and never look back. Monday was a really hard day in our house, and well...in our country.  The day just wasn't going as planned, the boys were all out of sorts, no one was napping, I don't think we got out of our PJs let alone the house.  And then I saw the news of what happened in Boston... in real time, via friends who ... [ Read More ]

Weekend recap


It's Monday and we are off to an early start today with 6:00am wake up times from both boys, but I guess they are just ready to get this week going. We had a pretty laid back weekend, which we definitely welcomed with open arms.  I think our weekend calendar is booked straight through to July from here on out.  We have birthday parties, I'm hosting a party, both sets of grandparents coming in, ... [ Read More ]

DIY Mother’s Day Tote


DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE MIMA OR NANA STOP READING NOW  :) Yesterday the boys and I worked on part of the gifts we are going to send out for Mother's Day in a few weeks.  My mom and Greg's mom live across the country from us so we know they love anything tangible that is a reminder of the boys.  What's better than seeing their little hand prints on something they made and knowing they can carry ... [ Read More ]

Austin, TX {all you need is love}


Meet Anne...isn't she the prettiest Bachelorette that you ever did see?  We took off from LAX this past Friday and headed south to Austin, TX to celebrate this special lady.  I could literally go on and on about all the fun we had over the weekend, but instead I will just do a photo dump and let them speak for themselves!  Ladies, it was a blast!!  Austin, I miss you!! And Anne, may all your ... [ Read More ]