Monday Motivation & Giveaway

How was everyone’s weekend?  I am just getting a chance to catch up between Hawaii, my family being in town and then Greg being gone a week for work.  Today is my first “normal” Monday in a month and it’s feeling great to be back on track.  Nathan also started VBS today so I am down one kiddo which always makes things easier.  I am going to bust out this quick post and then go off and have some one on one fun with Mr. Shane!

So in one of my most recent posts I wrote about how I was changing things up because I felt as though I was at a bit of a plateau in my workouts and eating habits.  I reached out to an online coach and have been loving my new plan of tracking macros, watching my calories and lots of time lifting at the gym.  It really has been just what I needed to shake things up and I am loving how I am feeling.  Since it’s become something I think about a lot throughout the day I decided to start a new Instagram account that is solely for tracking my fitness goals and progress.  It’s been a great way to share my typical day, gain inspiration from so many of you, and really hold myself accountable.

I was feeling extra motivated this Monday and generous too :).  Not only am I kicking off my new Instagram account but we are also gearing up for another group 24 Day Challenge on August 11th, and I thought it would be fun to give one of my readers an AdvoCare 10 Day cleanse so they can join us too. My hopes are that maybe, just maybe, this will be that thing that changes things up for one of you, breaks some bad habits, gets you feeling good and ready to take on more, just the way it did for me the first time I did mine.

For those of you that might be a little nervous about taking on a “cleanse”…don’t you worry!  This cleanse allows you to eat 5 meals a day!  Yes, you eat…a lot!  This is the only reason this worked for me and the reason I continue to love it so have no fear!

The winner will receive a 10 day cleanse box, a bottle of OmegaPlex, their choice of Spark and an invitation to our Facebook support group that is loaded with recipes, tips, motivation and a whole lot of encouragement.  And of course Ill be there to coach you along every step of the way too!


I am making this a fast giveaway because I went to get the cleanse out to the winner quickly so they can join us in the group challenge if they would like.  So friends, you have today and all day tomorrow to enter and then I will announce the winner Wednesday morning.

This giveaway is open to anyone in the US (come on AdvoCare we can’t wait until you ship internationally) and all you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter drawing below.  You can also follow my new Instagram account and tag up to 5 of your friends for 5 more entries.  If you already played along on Instagram you can of course still get more entries by following the below prompts.

Thanks for playing along everyone and may the most motivated person win!  Have a great start to the week!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Alena says

    This would be my first REAL cleanse.

    I mean you know I’ve done other *stuff* but I really think I would benefit from a cleanse.

  2. says

    Sp happy for you, that you’ve found a new plan and routine that you’re loving! That is awesome, and I am so excited to now be following your new IG. Right up my alley for sure. We just hired a personal trainer and last week was week 1, we LOVE it so much and are hooked. We look so forward to it each session. We’d lost all our weight but had been stuck in the same spot for over a year, we wanted to tone up and gain more muscle. We love Advocare too, I’m a big Spark fan. I got a couple boxes this weekend, it was like Christmas :)

  3. says

    I’ve really stepped up my workouts in the past couple of months, and I’m happy with the results. But I KNOW my nutrition needs shaping up! I’ve been stalking your blog (found thru pinterest) for weeks now, considering trying Advocare…
    I would be so honored to win!!

  4. CourtNey Valdovinos says

    I love Spark and MNS! I am just starting my Advocare journey after doing my first challenge in June. I am loving it and am down 13 pounds! I am really hoping to be able to share this journey with some friends.

  5. SOULER1 says

    This would be great! My first attempt at something like this. Just recently finished nursing my second kiddo and have my sister’s wedding in 2 weeks! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. morgan coble says

    this would be my first cleanse ever. My aunt did it and dramatically changed her life all for the better and i am hoping to change my life and get healthier!

  7. Tracy says

    I absolutely love your posts. I began using advocare products in March 2014. The energy I feel is amazing. Training to run first 1/2 marathon in September.

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