Smiling into September

Sept 2013 2

Do you ever have one of those days, weeks, months where if you didn't have photos of it you almost wouldn't believe you actually got to experience it first hand?  That's how I felt about these past five days...they were that good!  Greg took Friday-Tuesday off to get in some family time and to celebrate our 8 year wedding Anniversary.  This time together was the best gift he could have ever given ... [ Read More ]

Our week in photos

Nathan Golf 2013

See that little golfer pictured below?  He is turning FOUR in 2 days!  We have been busy planning some birthday surprises for him, and of course doing a little party planning.  I decided to scale way back this year and just have a few of his buddies over our house, but I just can't help myself when it comes to crafting up a few party things.  We are really looking forward to celebrating his ... [ Read More ]

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Hudson Party 1

Isn't there something out in the blog world called Wordless Wednesday?  Where you just post a ton of photos and let them speak for themselves?  I'm about to throw down my first Wordless Wednesday card today because, quite frankly, thinking as far back as Friday seems like a distant memory to me. While not completely wordless let me sum up the past 4 days in one, long, run-on sentence because ... [ Read More ]

Hello Wednesday

May 2013 Beach Day 2

I feel like I've fallen off the blog wagon, and I'm not sure how to jump back on.  I told myself that I would never make this blog feel like something I have to do, or it will have lost it's purpose in it being something that I enjoy doing.  Typically I write my posts late at night once Greg has fallen asleep next to me.  He goes to bed at a reasonable time, like most people would do when they get ... [ Read More ]

Marching ahead…


March 1st, you were just what the doctor ordered.  February was a tough month for our boys illness wise, but March greeted us with a beautiful, warm day and two healthy boys that got to enjoy it.  We had an awesome weekend celebrating Greg's birthday, great friendships, and good health.  We are ready to Spring forward! Here are a few photos from Friday's beach day with the boys.  It was so ... [ Read More ]