What we’ve been eating


Although I haven't been keeping up with my Monday Meal Plans via the blog, they are always ongoing in our home.  I feel like our household has been upside down the last few weeks, but the one thing that remains constant and simple to maintain is what we are eating. I look forward to making dinner because there is some organization to it which seems to be lacking from the rest of my day. Here ... [ Read More ]

On the Mend!

dr boys

It's been a crazy last 2 weeks in our household.   I wish I could say we were too busy having fun, but unfortunately this germ-infested winter hit our boys hard and knocked us off our feet for awhile.  They both started with a mild cough and cold, and before you knew it fevers were up to 104, there was pneumonia, RSV, ear infections and too many sleepless nights and trips to Urgent Care that it ... [ Read More ]