2014 Surf City Half Marathon Recap


Hey...did you guys know I ran a half marathon last weekend?  You know, if I didn't have some photos and a medal I am not sure I would believe I did it either. I had been quiet about the race, these last few months, because I wasn't sure if I was going to even sign up in the first place.  Between taking 6 weeks off from running due to my surgery and then only having 5 weeks after that to train, ... [ Read More ]

Long Beach Half-Marathon Recap

Long Beach half 2013

I DID IT!!!!  October 13th 2013 I completed my first half marathon! I look at this photo of myself today and I don't even feel like it's really me in it, or that I was the one who actually ran the race yesterday.  It was such an adrenaline filled experience that it's hard to put myself back into the feelings of the day.  All I feel now is pain in my legs and a huge feeling of accomplishment, ... [ Read More ]

Workout & What’s-for-Dinner Wednesday


Today I am linking up with Jenny over at Jennycollier.com and Samantha at youngfamilyoldhouse.com to share our clean eating dinner menus for the week and our workout goals.  We are a few days into the 24 Day Group Challenge we are heading up, and are having an awesome time helping others learn about something that has worked great for all three of us in the past. I've been feeling a little guilty ... [ Read More ]

Tuesday Tidbits

Nathan preschool

Guess who started school yesterday? THIS GUY!!! And guess what Mommy did with her free time? (well "free time" meaning just one kid which these days is a serious break).  I stared at the clock counting down the minutes until I could go pick Nathan back up from school. haha.  What is wrong with me?  I don't know...maybe other stay at home moms can relate but he's seriously my little buddy.  The ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday {running edition}

brooks adrenaline GTS 13

Well I finally hit a big running milestone this past weekend...I ran 10 miles!  Double digits!  It felt great, and I'm feeling more and more confident about the decision to run my first half marathon in 2 months.  I'd like to keep working on my endurance and speed, upping my mileage a bit more, and trying my best to stay injury free.  In an effort to do so, I'm convinced that the right running ... [ Read More ]

Run like a Mother!

freedom run 2

I'm not sure what it is about people who enjoy running...but it's this not-so-secret little cult that I'm starting to understand more about.  They love to run, they love to talk about it, they love to read about it, and they love others who feel the same way.  They wave to each other and smile on their 6:00am weekend runs.  They talk about their shoes, their races, their pace, their training ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap {4th of July}

5k 2013

I'm back after an enjoyable four day long weekend with the fam!  I hope all of you had a fantastic 4th of July too!  I'm still in a firework fog over here but I just wanted to share a few photos from our fun-filled and relaxing weekend. We kicked off our 4th by doing the Freedom Run 5k & 10k that our town holds every year.  Greg did the 10k and had to be down there by 6:45am so I got the ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap {Girls night out & Summer concert}

Mommy and Nathan

So I feel like we may have been a little selfish this weekend.  Obviously we got in tons of family time, but Greg and I got to finally fit in some time to do a few things we wanted to do too.   We try to squeeze in as many date nights as we can, but usually don't leave until the boys are in bed to get in ample kiddo time.  Plus let's be honest, they hate when we leave, but we know we need to force ... [ Read More ]

2013 Camp Pendleton World Famous 10K Mud Run Recap

camp pendleton mud run 7

Do you want to see what I did on Saturday? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFB-6nFcQHg The day was here, the day I had been training for for the last 6 months.  The commitment that ultimately lead to my weight loss journey and my new found love for running.  June 8th, 2013....the Camp Pendleton World Famous 10k Mud Run...it's been staring me down on my calendar since January 1st. 6 miles, ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday {6-5-2013}


It's been awhile since I have done a Workout Wednesday post.  I am happy to report that although I've been slacking on posting about my workouts, I've been doing great at actually getting them done. As of late I've been getting in 1-2 good runs during the week, 2 Turbo Kick boxing classes, and 1-2 days at the gym doing cardio and weight training.  I had to cut back on running because my left ... [ Read More ]