What does January 1st mean to you?

24 day challenge results

I can remember this exact time last year so well.  I was struggling with my weight and making every excuse imaginable for why all those extra pounds were sticking to me from both pregnancies.  I thought I was eating healthy, I was counting calories, I was going to the gym when I had time...but it just HAD to be that my metabolism changed.  I couldn't think of any other reason why nothing was ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday {Advocare 24 Day Challenge Guest Post}

Advocare 24 Day Challenge results 2

I thought I would change things up this Workout Wednesday and have a guest blogger come on over to share their experience with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  My good friend Ryann from Recipes By Ryann  just posted THIS wonderful post about some huge changes she has made to lose almost 25 lbs over the past 5 months.  I really enjoyed doing a similar guest post on my friend Jenny's blog after I ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday & Guest post


I've been seeing Workout Wednesdays floating around in the blog world (this is probably ancient news, but I'm admittedly late to the Blogging Party).  I am constantly seeking out new inspiration when it comes to working out, especially advice from other busy moms.  I love seeing healthy recipes, workout tips, weekly progress, fitness milestones being hit...it's all so inspiring to me and gets my ... [ Read More ]

24 Day Challenge: UPDATE

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I stumbled out of bed this morning barely alive from night two of very minimal sleep (our boys are sick AGAIN, it's too sad to even talk about-they are getting better though and that's what's important).  On my way to brush my teeth, I tripped over the scale with my eyes half open and decided just to stand on it and see if it wanted to be my friend today.  It thought about it for a second, and ... [ Read More ]

24 Day Challenge Results


This was the first year I set a New Year's resolution for myself to "lose weight". I wasn't sure what I was going to do, which approach I was going to take, or how I was going to find something that fit my schedule with these busy boys. I had been working out, and I thought I was eating healthy but nothing was happening! I held on to 7 pounds from my pregnancy with Nathan and then another 7 with ... [ Read More ]