Workout Wednesday: Group Challenge Update

Well another 24 days have come and gone….this time I am happy to report I lost 4.5 lbs but gained so many new friendships, and a world of inspiration.  At the beginning of September I started up a group 24 Day Challenge with my friends Samantha and Jenny. What started as a group of about 20 of us has since grown to almost 90 people in less than a month.

The majority of the group all started together that first week in September, and now the results are beginning to pour in.  I truly am blown away.  I think my favorite part of all these “before” and “after” photos is that “before” many of these ladies were strangers from all over the country, and “after” I am happy to call them my friends.  You have all done such an amazing job in just these 24 days…thank you for putting yourselves out there and giving this process 110%.  Excited to continue on with each and every one of you.

Here are some lovely headless photos of a few of the challengers :).  Who needs a head when you all have abs!! ha ha.  Pretty awesome stuff for just 24 days don’t you think?

group challenge 3 group challenge 4 group challenge 5group challenge 2 group challenge 6 group challenge 7 group challenge 8 group challenge 9 group challenge 10 group challenge 11

As I mentioned above I did lose 4.5 lbs this time, as well as 1.5 inches from my waistline and another 1.5 inches off my hips.  My goal wasn’t to lose weight this go around, but to tone up in my mid-section since I knew this challenge is a guaranteed tummy fat blaster!  I was also shocked by my energy levels….I completely forgot this added perk to the challenge and it was the much needed jolt of motivation I needed.  I got so much accomplished over the past month because I just couldn’t stop…did you see my Halloween crafting? haha.  group challenge 13 group challenge 14

It was a completely difference experience having the accountability of the group.  I didn’t want the challenge to end!  Luckily it hasn’t….we have all committed to sticking together, helping one another continue on with our healthy habits, and to be there to support the growing number of new challengers that have been joining us.  If you’re at all interested in joining us you can send me an e-mail at  I can add you to our Facebook group and you will have instant access to awesome clean recipes, new workout ideas, and the support of all these amazing women shown above (and many others)!  The proof is in the chia seed pudding people…the group challenge works! :)

Here is the link to purchase the 24 Day Challenge bundle and to read up more information about what is included.  If you have any questions please reach out to me…I love helping out any way I can.

That’s all for this Workout Wednesday.  Have a fabulous and fit week!!! xo

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  1. Debbie Stanford says

    Just finding your website and have enjoyed your posts. I am on my third week of the 24 challenge, saw great results the first two weeks, this week however I seemed to be at a stall, and I am expericing nausea after drinking the morning shake, I am over 50 and workout 5 days a week, is this normal and will it pass, any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks

    • lauren says

      Hi Debbie, I am so sorry I am just getting back to responding to comments now. How are you doing now that your challenge is over? Were you happy with your results? Please feel free to e-mail me at I will be happy to help you out with what to do post challenge and see if we can work though some of the issues you were having. Thanks

  2. says

    Great job! I did my first 24 day challenge in August and LOVED it!…I lost 6lbs and almost 7inches. I’m already gearing up (and hopefully getting my hubby on board) to do it again right after the New Year.

    • lauren says

      Awesome Jaclyn those are great results!! The New Year is a PERFECT time to do another challenge…I will for sure be joining you then as well :) Good luck to you and thanks for sharing!

    • lauren says

      Hi Renee, I just finished up another challenge and will be continuing on with MNS, Spark & Catalyst Daily. I use Mass Impact and Muscle Gain on heavy weight days, and I use Arginine Extreme and 02 Gold for cardio days. I also love Rehydrate, Carb Ease and Sleepworks. I hope this helps :)

  3. Connie says

    I am almost down to the last day of my first challenge lost 9 pounds and eight inches, my question is what supplement should I start on to continue to lose and lean I work out four to five as a week and run three days a week now!! This is the only program that has helped me after my hysterectomy two years to the day and has revived me again:))!!!! Thank you for any input.

    • lauren says

      Hi Candace- thank you so much for your comment. That is so exciting you will be doing the 24 Day Challenge to kick off your new year. Unfortunately due the size of the FB group and how active it is, we have had to make it private to those that are clients of mine or are clients of distributors on our team. I hope you understand. However, if you are not receiving the support you need/deserve please send me an e-mail and we can discuss some options. Thanks Candace you will do awesome!


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