Oink Baa Moo Shane turns 2


If it ever goes quiet around here chances are I'm probably planning a party...and that's exactly where I have been (I like leaving everything to the last minute).  On Saturday the 23rd we celebrated our little Shaney turning TWO!  I now understand why parents always see their youngest as their babies.  In my eyes I refuse to believe my little guy is growing up, so he will forever be my ... [ Read More ]

Shane’s Sock Monkey 1st Birthday

Shane has always been our little monkey since the day he was born.  The first morning they met, his big brother Nathan had placed his gift of a sock monkey doll into Shane's isolate at the hospital, and we have loved those little iconic monkeys ever since.   We had so many cute photos  of Shane with his beloved sock monkey that it seemed to the be obvious choice for a theme for his first birthday ... [ Read More ]