Meal Plan Monday- Detox edition

meal plan

Holy smokes you guys...Valentine's Day + my birthday + plus a weekend + falling off the clean eating wagon= total stomach disaster!  I think I spent most of yesterday dragging myself along, wanting to sleep, and listening to my stomach talk to me.  Don't get me wrong, I had such an awesome time but I sure paid for it!  I will show you some of my indulgences on tomorrow's Treat Yourself ... [ Read More ]

Meal Plan Monday

meal plan monday

We are breezing right through week 2 of the group 24 Day Challenge in our house, and things are going great!  Here is what we have on the menu for clean dinners this week: Monday- Shredded zucchini turkey burgers topped with grilled onions and jalapeños.  Side of baked seasoned sweet potato wedges.  I am so excited to use a new clean ketchup I bought at Whole Foods! Tuesday- Roasted veggie ... [ Read More ]

Meal Plan Monday: Clean eating banana muffin recipe

Clean banana nut muffins

Hello friends.  I hope you all had a healthy and happy weekend!  It's Monday over here and it definitely feels like it.  Greg's car got towed away this morning with a completely dead battery, Nathan spilled his bright red smoothie all over my new area rug and then proceeded to use a entire roll of toilet paper to overflow the toilet!  All before 9:00am making us late for school and feeling very ... [ Read More ]

Meal Plan Monday and 24 Day Challenge kick off


I hope you all had a great sounded like it was a cold or snowy one by a lot of you!  I hope I can send some warm weather to those of you who are in need of it.  If it doesn't make it your way the door is always open for a visit to So Cal :) We had a really nice weekend.  It was a great mix of fun and productivity.  Greg and I went out for an early date night on Friday and we ... [ Read More ]

Five on Friday: Thanksgiving edition


It's rare that I ever say this...but, surprisingly, this week flew by!   So here I am again, linking up with Darci, for another Five on Friday post.  Instead of throwing out 5 randoms for you this week, I wanted to share some of my favorite Thanksgiving Pinterest finds with you all.  Enjoy! {ONE} We are clean eating this Thanksgiving.  Call me crazy, but I'm pretty convinced it's going to ... [ Read More ]

Workout & What’s-for-Dinner Wednesday


Today I am linking up with Jenny over at and Samantha at to share our clean eating dinner menus for the week and our workout goals.  We are a few days into the 24 Day Group Challenge we are heading up, and are having an awesome time helping others learn about something that has worked great for all three of us in the past. I've been feeling a little guilty ... [ Read More ]

Meal Plan Monday


I hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was pretty uneventful and relaxing but I will still post a recap because I like looking back on our weekends together...even our quiet ones. I have several people I know on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge right now, or some that are about to start so I thought I would put up our clean eating menu for the week if you were looking for some ideas.  Even if ... [ Read More ]

Weekly Meal Plan {with Summer Kale Salad recipe}

Kale Salad

I always love seeing everyone's healthy meal plans for the week, and realized I haven't posted mine for awhile.  I currently have several friends on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and some starting up soon, so I know these were always helpful for me when I felt like all I was eating was chicken and veggies all week.  There are so many awesome clean recipes out there that you should never feel bored ... [ Read More ]

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

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Good morning!!  Looking for a quick, delicious, HEALTHY, and clean treat for breakfast {or any time of day at that}?  Look no further....I'm kind of in love with chia seed pudding!  I have seen a few ways to make this online, but I just stuck with what I had at home.  Here is the recipe I used for my tasty breakfast this morning! Chia Seed Pudding Recipe Ingredients: 1 part chia seeds {for my ... [ Read More ]

Weekly meal plan {6-10-2013}


You guys...I had PIZZA on Saturday after the race.  Like real, cheesy, sausage and pepperoni pizza.  I'm not going to lie, while I have grown accustomed to clean eating and love the foods we eat, that pizza tasted like a little slice of heaven.   I was totally famished after the mud run that I probably could have eaten an entire large pie by myself, but I refrained.  It really is all about ... [ Read More ]