Summer Summer Summertime


Time to sit back and unwind.... (or something like that). So let's start with the obvious but HELLO neglected blog!  Im surprised I even remembered my password to get into this thing.   Now that it's the Summer I am going to have so much more free time to get back into blogging...riiiiight!  Since I know that's the furthest thing from the truth I wanted to at least get some photos up here to ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap


Did everyone have a great weekend??  I sure hope so! Ours started on Friday morning when Greg surprised the boys with a day off from work to head to Disneyland as a family.   We had a great morning walking around, saying hello to some of the characters, hopping on a few rides and seeing all the fun Halloween decorations.  We also did a pit stop in Downtown Disney so the boys could build their ... [ Read More ]

Bye Bye Summer Time

Nathan Montessori 2

If you live in Southern California you know that's the furthest thing from the truth....did you see 100 degrees this weekend?  It's that time of year that the rest of the country is lining up their boots, getting their sweaters ready, lighting Fall scented candles, and putting up their corn husks, pumpkins and leaf wreaths.  Us?  Well, we get to sweat while standing in line for our Pumpkin Spiced ... [ Read More ]

Father’s Day Weekend Recap


What a memorable weekend we had celebrating Father's Day.  Greg is just the sparkle in these boys eyes and although we try our best to show him how much we love him everyday...he definitely deserved a little extra something special for Father's Day. We spent Saturday walking around our favorite outdoor shopping center.  We shopped, rode the train, made wishes in the fountains, went out to a ... [ Read More ]

Vermont Recap Part 1


Hello from Vermont!!!  Don't let this first photo fool you...10 hours of overnight travel time didn't always look this peaceful.  In fact, Shane decided to not sleep the entire red eye flight until we were landing which was around 2:00am California time.   So let's do the math....he was up Friday morning at 6:00am, only took an hour nap (normally takes a 2-3 hour nap), and then up until 2:00am. ... [ Read More ]

Thanks for the memories 2013

Whew...anyone else kind of glad all the holiday hoopla is over?  Don't get me wrong we had a WONDERFUL Christmas, but it sure exhausting playing Santa Claus.  I took a ton of photos on my real camera for once, but I'm just going to be honest here, I don't have the energy to go through them right now.  I'll keep the memories in my head, and the photos on my camera (until the day I have time to edit ... [ Read More ]

On the 6th Year of Christmas…

image (1)

My true love gave to me...six years of laughter, fiiiiiive gooooolden riiiiings (I wish), four years with Nathan, three different houses, two years with Shane, and a partridge in a pear tree.   It's pretty incredible how much life can change in a relatively short amount of time.   The holidays are always a time of reflection and last night I did just that while browsing through the family blog I ... [ Read More ]

A quick update


Sorry for the blog silence as of late...things have been quite busy around here.  My Mother-in-law flew into town last week and is staying with us until Sunday.  We have been having so much fun, but she has also been here to lend a helping hand.  As some of you may or may not know I had a minor surgery this past Friday (don't worry I'm fine) and she has been doing so much for me and the boys...I ... [ Read More ]

Just me and my Pumpkins


Last week we saw a glimmer of a cool and cloudy Fall day so the pumpkin patch was calling our name.  We pulled up to Tanaka Farms, I opened the car doors, and out ran the kids.  The farm felt like it was all ours, so I just let the boys be boys and run free.  They wandered through a hay maze, stomped through the mud, took a tractor ride, climbed pumpkin piles and weaved in and out of the rows of ... [ Read More ]

Smiling into September

Sept 2013 2

Do you ever have one of those days, weeks, months where if you didn't have photos of it you almost wouldn't believe you actually got to experience it first hand?  That's how I felt about these past five days...they were that good!  Greg took Friday-Tuesday off to get in some family time and to celebrate our 8 year wedding Anniversary.  This time together was the best gift he could have ever given ... [ Read More ]