Just me and my Pumpkins

Last week we saw a glimmer of a cool and cloudy Fall day so the pumpkin patch was calling our name.  We pulled up to Tanaka Farms, I opened the car doors, and out ran the kids.  The farm felt like it was all ours, so I just let the boys be boys and run free.  They wandered through a hay maze, stomped through the mud, took a tractor ride, climbed pumpkin piles and weaved in and out of the rows of pumpkins looking for THE perfect one to take home.  Nathan must know his mommy well because he found a beautiful white pumpkin and said he picked that one just for me.  He also found the cutest little orange pumpkin and wouldn’t let it go because he said it was the one he wanted to keep for Shaney.

Speaking of Shane, I think if he could have told me himself, he would have said this was one of his very favorite of days spent with his brother.  They really stuck together and anything Nathan did he was right behind him ready to do just the same.  Except the petting zoo.  Nathan gets pretty timid of all the animals and stood by my side, while Shane ran right up to the sheep and goats poking and prodding at their faces with his chubby little fingers.  He is definitely my little animal lover and they seem to love him right back.

These pictures make me smile.  While the memories of the day are always in my head and in my heart, I know having these photos of their childhood will bring me right back to this feeling years from now.  I’m just so proud of who they are becoming and cherish these quiet traditions we have together.  I hope one day they look back as fondly as I do of these adventures..and know how very much their Mommy loved spending time with them.
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