Thanks for the memories 2013

Whew…anyone else kind of glad all the holiday hoopla is over?  Don’t get me wrong we had a WONDERFUL Christmas, but it sure exhausting playing Santa Claus.  I took a ton of photos on my real camera for once, but I’m just going to be honest here, I don’t have the energy to go through them right now.  I’ll keep the memories in my head, and the photos on my camera (until the day I have time to edit them).  It was a special one though, and Santa was a little too nice to the boys considering they were teetering on and off that naughty list this year ;P.

Really though, it’s been a great year.  I’m not even sure where it went!  If you would literally like to see it flash before your eyes too, click the little “play” button below.  2013 you were so good to us….come on in 2014, we are ready for ya!

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Wishing you all the VERY best for the new year!!  CHEERS!!

*A little side note:  Things are busy, busy, busy over here kicking off our 24 Day GROUP CHALLENGE.  I am blown away by the motivation of the now 250+ group members.  The Facebook group is still growing, and I am feeling so inspired by each and every person that has decided to make some big changes in the new year!  An exciting announcement for some of you out there who are still waiting on buying your challenge bundles….Advocare is putting them on sale tomorrow for a limited time.  They only go on sale ONCE a year!  If you are a distributor you get your discount on top of this price which is even more exciting!  The group challenge officially starts on January 6th but many are waiting to purchase at the sale price, so it’s totally not too late to join us since others will be starting a little later as well.  I will be quiet here for awhile as I’m responding to e-mails, posting recipes, answering questions, chugging fiber drinks and meal prepping for the weeks ahead!  Can’t wait to get started!  And for all of you that are jumping in with both feet…I am so proud of you for making such a great commitment to yourselves, you definitely deserve this!

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  1. Michelle Keller says

    Hi there…I was so excited to find your blog a while back. I have been using advocare products for a little over a year now and love them. However, I am starting my first ever 24 day challenge either Jan. 5 or 7 (haven’t decided yet…an Auburn graduate an have a big football game to watch on the 6th). Anyway…I am already a distributor and have my products, but would love a group to connect with via facebook or email during the challenge for recipes, encouragement, etc. Is that something possible to do or is it a closed group? If so, please email and let me know what I need to do.
    Thanks so much,

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