Workout & What’s-for-Dinner Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Jenny over at and Samantha at to share our clean eating dinner menus for the week and our workout goals.  We are a few days into the 24 Day Group Challenge we are heading up, and are having an awesome time helping others learn about something that has worked great for all three of us in the past.

I’ve been feeling a little guilty that I’ve been sharing all my information with the Facebook group members and not publicly on my blog anymore.  So here is a look at my clean eating meal plan for the week.  These recipes are extra clean at the moment since I am in the 10 day cleanse portion of my challenge:

muffins copy

Monday- Grilled chicken salad topped with fresh salsa

Tuesday- Turkey & Veggie meatloaf muffins with a side of steamed broccoli (I made about 16 muffins so I could save some for lunch for the week)- photo above

Wednesday- Crockpot balsamic chicken with a side of roasted brussels sprouts

Thursday- Shredded zucchini turkey burgers with seasoned sweet potato wedges

Friday- Hummus crusted chicken with sauteed veggies

Saturday- Garlic & lime pork chops on the grill with a side of cauliflower mash

Sunday- Crockpot shredded taco chicken over bib lettuce, corn, black beans, olives, tomatoes topped with fresh salsa

Usually I have a freebie night of ordering in food or eating out, but since I have to be extra careful during the beginning of the challenge I figured it would be best to plan at home meals for the whole week.  Not a bad menu for being in the middle of a cleanse right?

As for exercise it’s the usual Monday-Friday boot camp with Friday focusing on running & sprints.  Saturday morning is a training run…hoping to hit 11 miles.  Then Sunday is a rest day.  I actually wasn’t able to make it to boot camp yesterday morning because Nathan wasn’t having it at 5:00am, so he won, and I crawled into his bed in my workout clothes and didn’t go. I opted for an evening run instead and tried my best to haul butt on a 3 miler.  Greg told me he could beat me with the double stroller and I wasn’t having any of that!  He even told me he would give me a head start, isn’t he sweet? lol  It felt awesome to run at a fast-for-me pace and not even feel overly winded or tired…I am 100% convinced that boot camp is helping my running in a major way.  PS-I totally beat Greg…but the poor guy was pushing two crazy kids and was slowly dying from heartburn because he ate those meatloaf muffins right before heading out the door.  Not a good combo…but I appreciate him letting me win :P.


Speaking of my husband…HELLO look who hit the 50lb weight loss mark this past weekend!  I mean really, I couldn’t be anymore proud of him if I tried!  I’ve known him for over 14 years now and I’ve never seen him looking and feeling so great. I am so happy for you Buggy!

24 Day Challenge Before & After

I also want to wish my awesome Sister-in-law Stephanie a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today…and also a big congrats to her!! She is in the middle of our group challenge and is having fantastic results.  Add her to my “people I’m proud of” list!!

Well that’s all for this Workout Wednesday…hoping your week is off to a happy and healthy start! xo

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      • Lisa says

        I would love your balsamic chicken, shredded zucchini turkey burger and crockpot shredded chicken taco recipes. Do you have them posted on your blog somewhere? Thank you for sharing!

  1. says

    I love your meal plans! I cannot believe your hubs has lost so much! That is so awesome! This just makes me want to do another 24 Day-er! Please share more recipes! I always love them!


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