Workout Wednesday

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This week is looking a little different when it comes to my workout schedule.  Typically Shane goes down for a nap at 9:00am and I will do the elliptical in the garage while Nathan plays outside with me.  This has worked out so great!  I can workout for 45 minutes, Nathan gets to play in the yard, and I still get time to shower after and then we head out for the day. Just when I was really ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap

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I'm pretty sure most people recap their weekends right after the weekend happens, but we do things late around here.  I think Sunday nights would probably be a good time to catch up on what we did over the weekend, upload some photos and write a new post...however, I was in bed asleep by 9:30 Sunday night from a full day of fun (and too many mojitos!).  At least that is evidence of a good weekend ... [ Read More ]

Nana is here and so is Spring!


It's officially Spring!  Winter was not our friend this year, so we were more than happy to say goodbye to the colder (and sicker) days, and say hello to a new season.  Although the changing of the seasons may not be as distinct as they were growing up on the east coast, and we don't have to sit back and wait for the snow to melt, we still welcome the gradual changes with open arms. Nana flew ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday & Guest post


I've been seeing Workout Wednesdays floating around in the blog world (this is probably ancient news, but I'm admittedly late to the Blogging Party).  I am constantly seeking out new inspiration when it comes to working out, especially advice from other busy moms.  I love seeing healthy recipes, workout tips, weekly progress, fitness milestones being's all so inspiring to me and gets my ... [ Read More ]

Meal planning Monday


I know every family runs dinner time differently in their household, but around here I like to have every day planned out ahead of time.  I'm terrible at doing laundry, you will never find me scrubbing anything, I don't think I've ever emptied a trash can and our bed is only made when I know people are coming over.  Crafty?  Sure!  Domestic? Not even close.  But I will make an exception when it ... [ Read More ]

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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We celebrated yesterday with friends, family and neighbors!  I think I tried every version of corned beef and cabbage known to man, and had my first Irish Car-bomb since college!  This mama still has it (not really, not really at all!). I made this easy, fairly healthy, and festive rainbow fruit platter!  Within minutes it was attacked by all the kids, and I was happy to see they went for the ... [ Read More ]

Where’s my Spring Break?


Can we please get a moment of silence in honor of....a moment of silence.  A rare, fleeting, millisecond of the day that you can finally hear yourself think for the first time.  When you can sit down, close your eyes and take your first deep breath and let your brain catch up with your body and your body catch up with your brain. I don't know if it's the time change, teething, nap schedule ... [ Read More ]

Fresh and fruity salad


Tired of the same old boring salad for lunch?  I was too, and wanted to try something a little different yesterday.  I am constantly eating fruit throughout the day, but I'm not sure why I never thought to put some on my salad come lunch time! This was such a nice change to my usual all veggie salad and will become a regular addition to my weekly lunches!  It was SO good I think I'll be having it ... [ Read More ]

Dairy-free berry smoothie

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Breakfast and dinner are always easy meals to plan in our household.  Lunch is a whole other story!  I feel like we are always running in the door after a morning of errand running, school pick ups, play dates etc and lunch can seem chaotic most days.  I love finding lunch options that are quick, healthy, and kid approved.  That's why we love smoothies around here.  I usually make a huge one for ... [ Read More ]

Marching ahead…


March 1st, you were just what the doctor ordered.  February was a tough month for our boys illness wise, but March greeted us with a beautiful, warm day and two healthy boys that got to enjoy it.  We had an awesome weekend celebrating Greg's birthday, great friendships, and good health.  We are ready to Spring forward! Here are a few photos from Friday's beach day with the boys.  It was so ... [ Read More ]