Our little Fireman turned 3

I know my baby will forever be my baby, but he sure doesn’t feel like he is anymore!  Shane turned THREE on Sunday and it seriously feels like yesterday I was (not) enjoying my hospital Thanksgiving meal with my newborn in my arms.


This cute Turkey of ours is totally and completely obsessed with all things Fireman related, so his choice for a party theme was beyond obvious.  What Shane didn’t know was that a real, retired Firetruck was going to show up to surprise him and his little neighborhood buddies.  I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when that truck showed up…and well, it wasn’t exactly the look I expected!  Complete terror, ran away crying and asking to go home, go home, GO HOME!!  I think he was completely overwhelmed with all the attention and didn’t know what to make of it all.

After some hugs inside from Mama and a pep talk, we headed back out and he was ready to climb aboard that truck!  That’s when the fun started!  All the kids and parents got to ride on top of the Firetruck and we went in circles around the neighborhood waving, spraying pretend fires and making siren noises (sorry neighbors for all the ruckus).  Shane also got to sit behind the wheel, push all the different siren buttons, and yelled “it’s Shane’s party!!!” into the intercom.  They also set up a target for the kids, so they could each take turns spraying at it with a fire extinguisher hose.  I think Shane thinks it was all a dream because he won’t stop playing the videos on my phone on repeat today.

We had such an awesome day, and we thank all of you that were able to celebrate with us!  Shane is living in toy truck heaven this morning while I get to listen to horns, sirens, helicopter noises and revving engines as I type up this post.  Happy 3rd Birthday Shaney, we love you so very much and hope your every birthday wish came true!

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  1. Kara says

    What an adorable party – you and your family are the best. Love it all. And especially that Shane rallied after being so scared initially. That is just so so so spot on for these kiddies. Happiest Birthday to your sweet boy and to you guys as well!!

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