I’m tired, but proud

boys bikes

Sorry for the blog silence lately, I've just been doing a whole lot of this... These crazy boys are keeping their mama on her toes.  We've been checking things off our Summer to-do list and trying my very best to tire these guys out!  So far so good, but it's tiring me out equally.  Speaking of tiring, I'm not sure what's been kicking my butt more...my 5:30am boot camp or my boys!  The ... [ Read More ]

Did Daddy Kiss Me?

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Every morning before Greg leaves to work he does his round of kisses and says his "I Love You"s.  Since both our boys are early risers we are normally all awake to say bye to Daddy at his 7:00am departure.  On the rare occasion Nathan sleeps in, or Greg needs to leave to work early, we always have a bit of an issue on our hands if Nathan doesn't get a kiss from his dad.  Usually our mornings will ... [ Read More ]

Where’s my Spring Break?


Can we please get a moment of silence in honor of....a moment of silence.  A rare, fleeting, millisecond of the day that you can finally hear yourself think for the first time.  When you can sit down, close your eyes and take your first deep breath and let your brain catch up with your body and your body catch up with your brain. I don't know if it's the time change, teething, nap schedule ... [ Read More ]

Marching ahead…


March 1st, you were just what the doctor ordered.  February was a tough month for our boys illness wise, but March greeted us with a beautiful, warm day and two healthy boys that got to enjoy it.  We had an awesome weekend celebrating Greg's birthday, great friendships, and good health.  We are ready to Spring forward! Here are a few photos from Friday's beach day with the boys.  It was so ... [ Read More ]

On the Mend!

dr boys

It's been a crazy last 2 weeks in our household.   I wish I could say we were too busy having fun, but unfortunately this germ-infested winter hit our boys hard and knocked us off our feet for awhile.  They both started with a mild cough and cold, and before you knew it fevers were up to 104, there was pneumonia, RSV, ear infections and too many sleepless nights and trips to Urgent Care that it ... [ Read More ]