Did Daddy Kiss Me?

Every morning before Greg leaves to work he does his round of kisses and says his “I Love You”s.  Since both our boys are early risers we are normally all awake to say bye to Daddy at his 7:00am departure.  On the rare occasion Nathan sleeps in, or Greg needs to leave to work early, we always have a bit of an issue on our hands if Nathan doesn’t get a kiss from his dad.  Usually our mornings will sound like this:

Nathan (from his door):  Mom….Mom….Mommy!!!!  I’m all done sleeping now, I’m all done sleeping 

Me:  Hi Buggy, good morning, did you you have a good sleep?

Nathan (ignores my question):  Where is Daddy?  Is he home?  Did he go to work?  Did Daddy kiss me????  Did Daddy Kiss me????  I need my kiss from Daddy, did he kiss me?

Me:  Daddy had to go to work early today but he gave me a kiss to give to you.

Nathan:  That’s not good Mommy, I need my Daddy to kiss me.  (Start tears now)

This is when we usually head downstairs and Nathan will search the house looking for Greg, realize he did already leave to work, and spends the rest of the morning sad until I distract him with some breakfast and a cartoon.  He will still randomly throw in a “Did Daddy kiss me?” in between bites of his Cheerios, but slowly our mornings get better.

The cutest part of it all is that Greg is equally as sensitive about his kisses for Nathan.  He will whisper to me when he leaves “Let Nathan know I went in his room and gave him a kiss on his head”…..or I will get a text from him at work, “Was Nathan ok this morning? Did you let him know I kissed him?”.

Well this morning was one of the rare ones that Greg left before the boys were up.  He sweetly woke me up to say he was leaving, gave me a kiss, and said to tell Nathan that he had to go early but kissed him.

Of course Nathan woke up and the above conversation took place and the tears started.  We hugged for awhile on the floor and I kept kissing him on the head saying that Daddy gave me extra kisses for him.  He calmed down a little once I said he could help me get Shane ready, so we got his brother, changed diapers together then headed downstairs for the day.

At the bottom of our steps is a baby gate that I can step right over with Shane in my arms.  Nathan gets himself over but it takes a little fancy maneuvering on his part.  This morning he screamed with excitement as he kicked his leg over the top…”Mommy look, who wrote that?  Is that for me?  Did Daddy leave me that?”

This is what I found right at Nathan’s eye level on the baby gate.

photo (13)

I read it out loud to Nathan and he thought it was the coolest thing that Daddy left this message just for him.  All smiles were back and Nathan looked up at me and said “I can’t wait for Daddy to get home to kiss me”.

I love my boys so incredibly much….

Daddy, I can’t wait for you to get home to kiss us either….you are the best!!! xo

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    • lauren says

      He really is Saz…made me teary eyed this morning. I may have just been tired, but it was still so cute to wake up to :)

  1. Mimalucy says

    I was able to envision this sooo clearly…. Greg is such an awesome father, husband and SIL!!! ❤❤❤ I am FINALLY counting the DAYS until my next visit! Miss you all so much! God, I wish I had the means to move out there!!!

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