So what do I do next?


I wanted to write this post because one of the questions I get e-mailed about the most is...what did you do when you finished the 24 Day Challenge?  When I answer this question I normally start by asking what the person's goals are now that they have kick started their weight loss.  Do they want to lose more weight, more inches, gain muscle, increase their endurance, see more muscle ... [ Read More ]

2014 Advocare 24 Day Group Challenge: UPDATE


Just 3 months ago the Advocare 24 Day Group Challenge Facebook page I have, ran it's very first fun, successful and inspiring group challenge.  At that time there were about 75 of us.  Fast forward to today...we are up to over 450 challengers (and growing daily)!!     The sudden growth can be chalked up to two things....the program works, and the amazing people experiencing these results, can't ... [ Read More ]

Meal Plan Monday

meal plan monday

We are breezing right through week 2 of the group 24 Day Challenge in our house, and things are going great!  Here is what we have on the menu for clean dinners this week: Monday- Shredded zucchini turkey burgers topped with grilled onions and jalapeños.  Side of baked seasoned sweet potato wedges.  I am so excited to use a new clean ketchup I bought at Whole Foods! Tuesday- Roasted veggie ... [ Read More ]

Meal Plan Monday and 24 Day Challenge kick off


I hope you all had a great sounded like it was a cold or snowy one by a lot of you!  I hope I can send some warm weather to those of you who are in need of it.  If it doesn't make it your way the door is always open for a visit to So Cal :) We had a really nice weekend.  It was a great mix of fun and productivity.  Greg and I went out for an early date night on Friday and we ... [ Read More ]

What does January 1st mean to you?

24 day challenge results

I can remember this exact time last year so well.  I was struggling with my weight and making every excuse imaginable for why all those extra pounds were sticking to me from both pregnancies.  I thought I was eating healthy, I was counting calories, I was going to the gym when I had time...but it just HAD to be that my metabolism changed.  I couldn't think of any other reason why nothing was ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday: Group Challenge Update

group challenge 2

Well another 24 days have come and gone....this time I am happy to report I lost 4.5 lbs but gained so many new friendships, and a world of inspiration.  At the beginning of September I started up a group 24 Day Challenge with my friends Samantha and Jenny. What started as a group of about 20 of us has since grown to almost 90 people in less than a month. The majority of the group all started ... [ Read More ]

And the winner is…..


The Get-Fit-Giveaway was AWESOME!   Thanks to all of you that entered and played along!  A big congrats to Courtney Roberts!!!  Hope you enjoy your new iPod Nano, Lululemon Tank, Gold Minnie Bic Band, Advocare Spark and Advocare Catalyst.  You are one lucky lady! :) Stay tuned for tomorrow's Workout Wednesday post!  We did this giveaway in the spirit of our huge group 24 Day Challenge, and ... [ Read More ]

Lauren & Jenny’s {huge} Get-fit-Giveaway!

soccer 1

Let's start this Monday off with some pure awesomeness, what do you think?  First of all....IT'S FALL, officially!  The temps have dropped,  it's been nice and cloudy, the spicy and warm scented candles have been lit, and I've caught the decorating bug.  I couldn't be happier about all of this...all I need now are some leggings, boots, a sweater, a scarf and a pumpkin spiced latte in my hand.  I ... [ Read More ]

Advocare Group Challenge Update


Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was filled with an equal mix of fun, relaxation and productivity.  Yeah there was some serious laundry folding going on on a beautiful sunny, Sunday afternoon but it has to get done somehow right?  Shane was napping and Nathan and Greg were out fishing (for the second time this weekend), so at least everyone else got to have ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday: Advocare 24 Day Group Challenge!

Jenny Collier

So it's been 7 months since I did my last Advocare 24 Day Challenge, and I'm getting ready to do another on September 5th.  This time I am teaming up with fellow bloggers Samantha from YOUNG FAMILY OLD HOUSE and Jenny from JENNYCOLLIER.COM to host a group challenge.  Both of these ladies had amazing results on their first challenges and are ready to give it another go! We are inviting YOU to join ... [ Read More ]