{Anne & Marc’s} Wedding Weekend Recap

I’m not even sure there are enough words to describe the amazing wedding we went to this past weekend.  It was gorgeous, romantic, elegant, unique, magical, inspiring…I really could go on and on.  I knew my friend Anne was pouring every ounce of her creativity and heart into planning this day, but I was truly blown away.

Our weekend started early Friday morning when we packed up the car and took a 3 hour road trip up the coast with my mom and the boys.  We arrived in Solvang, CA during the late afternoon and I instantly fell in love with this charming little town.  Known as California’s Copenhagen, this quaint Danish-style town has been a tourist attraction to young and old alike since 1947. The traditional German-style architecture, authentic restaurants, and shopkeepers dressed in traditional attire make visitors forget that they’re in California.  It definitely sent me right back to the Summer that I lived in Denmark, only here there were wineries…lots and lots of wineries!

We checked into our hotel, got ready, and went right to Marc and Anne’s rehearsal dinner.  It was a fun, laid back, barbecue complete with local wines, a s’more bar, and corn hole! They made it totally kid friendly and the boys had such a great time too.  So much fun that they passed out as soon as we got back to the room with Mima, and Greg and I went out with some friends for the night.

rehearsal dinner my boys

The next morning we were all up nice and early and decided to go explore Solvang before we got ready for the wedding.  We walked the cute streets, visited some bakeries, had a delicious breakfast and of course found ourselves inside a toy store.  I’m really looking forward to going back some day and spending some more time exploring the town.

Mommy and Nathan Solvang Solvang 2013 2 Solvang 2013Next up we decided to head over to the miniature horse farm, the miniature donkey farm, and to Ostrichland to go feed some giant birds!  Shane napped in the car during it all, but Nathan got such a kick out of it.  He may have been a little terrified of the ostriches at first, but we were too…they were completely insane.

mini horse 2 mini horse ostrich farm ostrich farm 2

You would think after such a full day we would just get to head back to the room to relax. but nope… it was wedding time!  Greg and I got ready and Mima was planning out even more adventures with the boys while we were out for the night.  She took them on a horse and buggy ride, out for ice cream (before dinner because that’s what Mima’s do), did crafts, watched a movie and got them to sleep so Mommy and Daddy could have some fun!

If any of you follow me on Instagram you have already seen which dress I ended up going with from Rent the Runway.  I’m so happy I followed some of your advice from my Fashion Friday post because I was totally in love with the dress.  It was really difficult to mail it back yesterday!

Dullybon wedding 2

We took a shuttle out into the middle of no where only to be greeted by an oasis of their beautiful wedding, perfectly set up on Anne’s family ranch.  I felt like I was floating around in a Pinterest Dream Wedding folder.  There were so many thoughtful and handmade details, gorgeous flowers, twinkling lights, food that was to die for, amazing signature drinks, an ornate chandelier suspended from the trees above the dance floor, awesome music, a dessert bar, a coffee bar, lounge seating around the dance floor, cozy blankets, a basket of pashminas for the ladies, a charming and playful area for the children….and most important a beautiful couple that shared a heartfelt ceremony surrounded by friends and family from all over the country.  It was a night to remember that’s for sure.  Congratulations again Anne & Marc we couldn’t be happier for you guys!

Dullybon wedding 9Dullybon wedding 4 Dullybon wedding 6 Dullybon wedding 7 Dullybon wedding 8 Dullybon wedding 10 Dullybon wedding 11 Dullybon wedding detailsDullybon wedding 5

 photo HeyLaurenReneSignature2_zpsc907a957.png


  1. Andrea Pappas says

    This wedding and you looked amazing!! It was so fun to see your pics posted throughout the weekend! I loved experiencing it through your pics!! every detail was fab! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tracey McGrath says

    Lauren you look amazing! And the Wedding…sublime to say the least! Thank you so much for sharing. I love getting a little glimpse into your life in Cali! PS I have a necklace exactly like yours (mine is a coral colour)…purchased here in Oz!xo

  3. says

    Love this dress you chose – I’m gonna try Rent the Runway sometime – wedding looks like such fun! Our best friends live in that town so I’ve been there – super cool place :-)

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