Austin, TX {all you need is love}

Meet Anne…isn’t she the prettiest Bachelorette that you ever did see?  We took off from LAX this past Friday and headed south to Austin, TX to celebrate this special lady.  I could literally go on and on about all the fun we had over the weekend, but instead I will just do a photo dump and let them speak for themselves!  Ladies, it was a blast!!  Austin, I miss you!! And Anne, may all your dreams come true!  xo
photo7 photo9 photo8 photo10 photo11photo13 photo2 photo6 photo12photo3

 photo HeyLaurenReneSignature2_zpsc907a957.png


    • lauren says

      Thanks Kara. I was definitely nervous to leave the boys for the first time overnight, but thankfully had so much fun it kept me distracted!

    • lauren says

      I’m starting to think they didn’t….sounds like Daddy is way more fun than Mommy! haha. It was a great trip that’s for sure!

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