Cupid’s Been Here

Holidays are my favorite excuse for getting crafty and adding some festive DIY projects to our home decor.  With February a day away, I thought it would be fun to share some of the Valentine’s Day crafts I have completed.  I think I have hit my quota for all things pink and glittery this past month, but that’s what makes this one of my favorite holidays to get festive with!  Moving forward I will try adding some of my favorite projects to my blog with the addition of some simple DIY tutorials.  I hope you enjoy them!  Here’s to spreading some love in month of February!! xo

wreath mantle living room heart hand

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  1. says

    So well done! I did the XO (thanks to you – and LOVE it) but would love the tackle the heart wreath. Where did you end up hanging it?

    • lauren says

      You know it’s still sitting on our table…how embarrassing haha. Did you find the link for the tutorial on Pinterest? If not I can add the tutorial link I used for you! It’s definitely so cute especially since it costs under $2 in materials!!

      • Marilyn Brady says

        I love this wreath! I’ve been looking for a lint to the tutorial. I want to make this for Valentines day this year. Can you post the link?

        • lauren says

          Hi Marilyn!

          I have a link to make the paper heart wreath here:

          However if you were looking for a tutorial on the yarn wrapped one, I made that a long time ago and didn’t work from another tutorial so I unfortunately don’t have directions to make it. BUT…if you look up any yarn wreath tutorial and felt flower tutorial, you can definitely put this together just by combining those techniques. Good luck and Happy Crafting :)

  2. Ashley says

    What are the tools needed to make the first “love” wreath? From what I gather, it looks like felt for the flowers, white string, gray yarn? Pink ribbon… Is that correct? And what is used to make the word love? Thank you!!


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