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Linking up with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha for another Five on Friday post today.  You should grab a button and link up too!  It’s always easy to end the week with 5 random things don’t you agree?



I am really honored that one of my favorite Interior Design bloggers and friend, Renee, over at Casa Stephens Interiors, asked me to be part of a new series she is doing called “Friday with Friends“.  Renee is a busy mama of 3, who is currently finding the time to design her new home, while running a business designing homes for others.  I don’t know how she does it all, but she does it beautifully too!  Her series will be showcasing homes of other bloggers and asked if she could share photos of my favorite room of our house.  Although we rent our current home, and I don’t have all the design freedom I would like, I gladly accepted the invitation to share part of our home with her readers.  Head on over to check out her blog and her new series that is featuring ME today! :) Thanks Renee!

living room


Ok so my friend Amy and I have been spending more time than I would like to admit, obsessing over the perfect Fall booties.  We have both confessed to previously turning our nose up to this (not-so) current fashion trend, but of course have been swayed and now are kind of in love.  I think we both have the dressy bootie concept down, but we want to wear them on the daily too!  We are totally struggling with…not looking like we are trying WAY too hard to play dress up for school drop off, not looking like elves and not spending too much money on shoes we will probably not like again by next Fall.  So what do you think….are either of these the perfect casual bootie? (one option is $30 and the other is $130 but I’m not telling which is which)  Anyone else out there jump on the bandwagon and find a good casual pair they want to share?  First, world problems right? :P



Newsflash….Halloween is next week!!  Newsflash part two…we really get into it around our ‘hood.  Newsflash part three…we all like to carry around adult beverages with us because there is nothing safer than chasing our kids around in all the same costumes, while it’s dark, all while drinking! Riiiight. Good thing it’s on a school night because we obviously stick to a one drink minimum, or something like that.  Since I’m only having one drink, I’m making it a good one.  You gotta try this Fall Sangria…I made it for a party I had last year and my girlfriends loved (read: chugged) the stuff!

Fall Sangria{recipe here}


Do you guys have a Fall bucket list?  HERE is freebie one I used, and here is our progress so far.  Looks like we better get on it because you know as soon as the Halloween stuff comes down it’s Christmas right? ha ha

fall bucketlist


Speaking of Christmas, time to start thinking about those family photos and cards!  Our friend, and photographer, Josh Elliot is totally amazing and we have snagged up one of his mini sessions for a weekend in November!  Not sure if he is booked solid yet, but if you’re local and looking for someone he’s your guy!  Gotta start planning what in the world we are going to wear.  Since I am weird and like our photos to match our home decor I think we are going pretty neutral this year.  I saw this on Pinterest and liked it, but without Nathan rocking the sweater dress obvs! :)

cfab966b4a357f48f0324fa70bd12c90That’s all i’ve got for you today friends!  Enjoy your Friday and hope you’re ready to get your weekend on!  Xo

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    Can’t wait to go check out your house feature I’m not a fan of the booties trend but I do actually like both of the pairs you posted. I bet they would go great with your photo shoot outfit!

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