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It’s been a really long time since I have linked up with Darci from The Good Life Blog to share my Five on Friday, so I thought I would join back in!  I feel like I have so much going on right now and am so scatter-brained that a post filled with five bits of randomness would be fitting.  So here you have it….

{ONE}  We made it back from Vermont!!  What a great trip we had!  The boys soaked up all that winter wonderland fun and all that lovin’ from their grandparents….we couldn’t have asked for more.  My sister-in-law’s wedding was A M A Z I N G!!  Right out of a storybook and I couldn’t be happier for them…congratulations Stephanie and Steve, the day was just as perfect as you two are together.  Here are a few photos from their magical wedding.


{TWO} Ever look at your calendar and just break out in a sweat from panic?  That’s how I am feeling from now until about…oh, August!  Parties, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, 4 trips that require flying (thats the panic part), family visits, doctor appointments, kids lessons and speech classes, half marathon and training….my iPhone calendar seriously looks like it has a dot on every day (see photo for proof).  I’m not even looking ahead at this point, Im just going to try and take things one day at a time.  Thankfully these are all fun events it’s just hard to stay on top of everything especially with trying to keep up with all things Advocare.  Which brings me to…


{THREE} I got these in the mail yesterday!  To 99.9% of you reading this looking at these little pins mean nothing lol.  But to me, I look at them and see them as a symbol of getting to meet and help so many awesome people this past year.  Lots of exciting things happening on that end so stay tuned….maybe involving some free stuff and a giveaway coming your way! ;)


{FOUR}  I haven’t really brought it up on here before but since I mentioned it quickly above, we have started taking Shane to speech therapy two times a week.  He has been struggling for awhile and after a couple of evaluations it was clear that he is excelling beyond his age when it comes to cognitive development but falling far behind in expressive language.  This combination has been leading to some very frustrating moments for all of us.  Thankfully he loves going to his speech classes and does so great while he is there.  I will keep you posted on his progress, but I am so proud to hear him saying more and more each day.  If you have had a child that had to have speech services I would love to hear your experience in regards to their development…thank you.


 {FIVE}  Can’t give an update on one kiddo without a quick one on the other too.  I haven’t brought this up on here either but ever since Nathan started school in September he has had a chronic cough.  We are talking 4+ straight months of coughing in the morning, at bedtime, sometimes all day long.  I thought he was just having bad luck and was catching new viruses back to back.  It finally got to the point where our pediatrician wanted us to start looking into other causes for it so we first got sent to an allergist.  Not allergic to a thing but maybe asthma they said?  I wasn’t buying it but we tried him on a steroid inhaler for a month and it didn’t make any difference.  So in January we got sent to an ENT and he had his adenoids and tonsils checked…they were enlarged but not to the point of needing surgery but his doctor suggested we get a CT scan done to check for chronic sinusitis.   BINGO!!  They prescribed him a nasal spray and seriously from the day we started it until now he has been cough free (well over a month now).   Look at my brave boy getting his x-rays done…fingers crossed we got to the bottom of all of this!

ct scan

That’s all the randomness I have to report for you today for Five on Friday..I don’t know about you guys but I am so ready for the weekend!  Make it a great one and stay tuned for a Must have Monday and my second StitchFix review!

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    Found your blog via the link up and let me just say that calendar wise- we are in the same boat!! This year is packed! Exciting but sometimes overwhelming! Happy Weekend to your and your fam! xoxo

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    Why is it the older the kids get the busier we get? I swear my calendar looks just like yours and my head is constantly spinning. I feel for you!! Avery has been on nasal spray for over a year now and it is a GODSEND! I have taken it my whole life practically for chronic sinusitis too so I know how rough it must be for Nathan and you. A good humidifier and allergen covers on the bed help a ton! Congratulations on your pins you hard-working, ass-kicking mama!!!

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    Yea a new post! You aren’t allowed to travel anymore because we don’t get your posts as often. Ha So glad the trip went so well – I know your mom loved having you(r boys) back home.

    Can’t wait to see your second Stitch Fix!!

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