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Well hellooooo there Friday!  Am I ever happy to see you!!  There are many reasons why you are my favorite day of the week and one of them is because…it’s time for a Five on Friday post!  Linking up with lots of lovely ladies to share 5 bits of randomness from this past week.  Thanks for reading and I am excited to head over to the linkup and read some of your entries as well….

{ONE}  This past Tuesday my friend Amy and I decided to switch things up a little and do a kid swap for a few hours.  She has two boys that are the same age as my boys and they are all practically brothers since they have known each other since birth.  I said I would take the big brothers and she would take the little brothers and let’s just say, I’m pretty sure we need to do this every week.  It’s amazing how well behaved the boys are when they are separated from their siblings haha.  I took Nathan and his friend Carson to a paint their own pottery studio and then we went and had pizza for lunch.  We had such a fun time and it was actually surprisingly quiet and relaxing!  She said the same about having the little guys!


{TWO}  I am sure many of you have heard of It Works Body wraps before…if not they are an all natural herbal body wrap used on target areas to tighten, tone, & firm in as little as 45 minutes.  Sounds too good to be true right?  I got to talking about them with a friend of mine and she actually surprised me and popped one in the mail for me to try out.  I couldn’t help but want to test it out so I wrapped up my mid-section, then wrapped it with plastic wrap (per the instructions) and sent her ridiculous photos like this…


You are supposed to drink a ton of water, take it off after an hour or so, then rub in the leftover lotion and watch your waistline shrink and tone up over the course of 72 hours while it breaks down toxins and fat cells.  So is it’s name appropriate?  Did it actually work?  I’m not sure what do you think?  I will say I am a little intrigued by the concept of it, but not sure I am fully convinced yet.  Have any of you tried them before?


{THREE}  While we are talking about toning up mid-sections can we talk about bathing suits for a second?  I ended up buying a couple of suits from Victoria’s Secret this past weekend and I must say they really have some cute and affordable styles out right now.  I actually went on a bit of a shopping spree this past weekend.  I think Greg was starting to notice I am either in gym clothes or the same pair of jeans with an Old Navy v-neck cotton tee in one of 4 colors I have them in…and asked me if I wanted to go on a day date and do some shopping together.  After practically losing a person in combined body weight this past year, it’s about time we treat ourselves to some clothing that fits.  I found some great deals and got a lot of items that can be mixed and matched…here is a sampling of what I ended up with.


{FOUR}  So now that I have no money left after all the shopping we did let me introduce you to my new friend….2011 Tres Pinos Three Pines Cuvee.   $5 at Trader Joes people and not too shabby!!  I am no where near any kind of wine snob so I love when I find a good, CHEAP wine that I can drink on like…oh you know, a Monday, and not feel guilty about it.  I will definitely be throwing a few extra of these in my cart this week.

tres pinos

{FIVE}  Did you know I have a Facebook page for this bloggy of mine?  I have decided I wanted to start doing some special things for my Facebook “fans”….like yesterday I was giving away samples of my other favorite happy mommy juice called Spark!  So head on over and give it a “like” and stay tuned for some up coming giveaways that I will only be sharing via Facebook.

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Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!!

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  1. says

    Um, can we just talk about how stunning you look in the the dressing room pic. Your hair, makeup and outfit are perfect! And those wraps, WOW, now I really want to try one out. I’ve always wondered, you can tell a huge difference. Awesome, thanks for sharing :) Happy weekend xo

  2. says

    Seriously Greg just made his already hot lady even better? So fun. Gotta show us some pictures of you in the new clothes.

    And I’ve never heard of a wrap thing before. Very interesting. Looks like it made a difference to me!

  3. Amy says

    Weekly brother swap is now a must! They even fought less the rest of the day :) the next day was another story though :/ ugh

  4. says

    Looks to me like you had great results with the wrap!! I’ll stick to my catalyst though :) love the new clothes!! You deserved them. I can’t wait to get to the end of my weight loss journey and buy a new wardrobe.

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