Five on Friday: Valentine’s Day Card Edition

Recently I was selected by PearTree Greetings to be one of their blogging “Pearistas”.  I couldn’t be any more excited to be partnered up with this awesome company.   If you don’t already know, PearTree specializes in keep-worthy photo cards, invitations, announcements and stationery for weddings, holidays and all of life’s special moments.

I searched high and low this past Christmas to find my favorite holiday card design to send out, and hands down I was going to go with something from them.  I spent a little too much time than I care to admit on researching designs….and I always came back to them.  They had the most unique designs I had come across, were extremely user friendly in their customization and I couldn’t believe the prices.  They were too good to be true so I was a little skeptical of the quality since I had never ordered from them before.  When our cards showed up I was beyond impressed.  I have ordered from EVERY company out there, and these were the thickest, most vibrant, and highest photo quality card stock I have received to date.  Pearista or no Pearista…they will forever have my business.

So for this Five on Friday I thought I would get a jump start on Valentine’s Day and share 5 of my favorite card designs they have for this holiday.  This year has proven to be a little busier than expected so my crafting days are being put on hold at the moment, so in lieu of handmade cards I am going to next best thing…some of the cutest predesigned Valentine’s Day cards out there (and for WAY less money than my craft supplies usually amount to).


{DESIGN ONE}  So I totally adore THIS design from their photo Valentine’s Day card collection.  Do you see what I mean about the most unique designs?  This is just so adorable and would be so perfect to mail out to family this year.



{DESIGN TWO}  How perfect are THESE photo booth cards for your kiddos’ classmates?  At Nathan’s school we can’t do any treats/gifts attached to their cards, and they have to be flat…so it kind of limits your creativity if you were feeling up for it.  I know Shane isn’t in Nathan’s class, but he really wants to be and he sure is cute…so he’s totally getting included too!  I’m definitely getting these.


{DESIGN THREE}   So I know I just said I can’t send any embellished cards to school with Nathan, but I was wondering if I could get away with THESE amazingly creative paper airplane cards?  How much fun would the kids have?!  I know that school Valentine’s Day cards usually make their way to the garbage but at least the kids could have fun with this one for awhile before they fly it into the trashcan ha ha.

2775_11320FC2mn{DESIGN FOUR}  Now if Nathan could bring a sweet treat to his classmates I would totally get THESE.  I just can’t get over how many fun choices PearTree has.  My only problem I have with this company is I can’t ever make up my mind which awesome design I’m going to pick!


{DESIGN FIVE}  THIS last card design is just my favorite when it comes to uniqueness.  You can add two photos, change the captions and colors, and string them all together for a little festive decoration.  While this design is super adorable for Valentine’s Day, I can totally picture these as a really sweet save-the-date for a wedding, or a birth announcement too.   2775_PTG33828mn


Well there you have it, my Five on Friday favorite Valentine’s Day cards from PearTree Greetings.  Don’t have it in you to craft up something yourself this year but still want something more unique than what you can find in the store?  Head to their website but be prepared to not be able to make up your mind :).  If it’s kids’ cards you are looking for they are offering 12 free classroom Valentine’s Day cards with the purchase of 12 if you sign up HERE.  Or you can also use the code VDAY10 at checkout and save 10% on all Valentine’s.  Happy shopping…I’m heading there right now to order up mine, once I decide on which ones I’ll get of course.

Hope this week was a great one and that you have something fun lined up for your weekend!  Cheers!

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  1. says

    Great picks, Lauren!! The photo strip Valentine’s Day cards are definitely a fave this year and perfect for handing out at school. Also, agree, the hanging LOVE card could be used for so many occasions and would be a cute card to keep up all year :) Have fun picking your designs this year for your handsome boys!!

    • lauren says

      Thank you so much!! I plan on ordering this weekend but I can’t stop designing new cards…stop making so many awesome options haha. :)

    • lauren says

      Thanks!! I wish I could use the lips and mustaches for my son’s classroom, but I bet I could find another use for them..they really are adorable!

  2. says

    Soooo jealous! I love Pear Tree Greetings – we did our birth announcements from there this time and loved them. I could not beat the price anywhere, not to mention the great designs. Suuuuch cute cards they’ve got for Valentine’s – if I wasn’t still writing our Christmas cards (yup, sad but true), I would be tempted to get a few. You’ve enticed me to stage a cute photo shoot with the kiddos to get just a few for the grandparents. Hmmm

    • lauren says

      Oh with your two cuties this year you definitely need to stage something. Especially with your awesome photography skills. Happy to hear you are such a Pear Tree Greetings fan too…I really couldn’t get over how nice our Christmas cards were from them. I bet your birth announcements were beautiful!


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