How we do Halloween

Dear October,

Clearly you haven’t received the memo that you are my favorite month because so far you have disguised yourself as your Summer buddies July, August and September.  I’m doing my best to give you the benefit of the doubt, but our weekly forecast is showing no break from the heat, and I am not a fan.  My spicy candles have been burning all day long, my boots are lined up, and my sweaters don’t think they are going to see the light of day anytime soon.  It’s been difficult to get into swing of this month’s festivities, but we are still doing Halloween in a big way over here in hopes that  FALL will finally come pay us a visit.  We decorated our house this weekend and hit up a (very empty) pumpkin patch in hopes of lifting our hot Halloween spirits….I think it did the trick!  What do you think?


How have you been celebrating the arrival of Fall?  Are your Halloween costumes all picked out?

Time for me to hit up Pinterest for some more Halloweenspiration….I’m covering every inch of this house in spiders, cobwebs and pumpkins and hiding in the A/C until Fall decides to show up!

 photo HeyLaurenReneSignature2_zpsc907a957.png


  1. Kay says

    Hi Lauren!
    Love all your decorations! Where did you find all the tombstones and did you make the ghost? My kids have been asking me to get some Halloween decorations so I need to get some soon. It’s crazy that weather in California is so hot! I’m in Kansas City and it’s been cooler and perfect for October. We just visited a pumpkin farm also and had a blast! Great pictures of you and your and thanks for sharing! Looks like a lot of fun :)

  2. Kara says

    You are the holiday decorating queen. I love it! And so fun for your boys. Happy Fall to you guys – I bet fall will be there before you know it (or I’m hoping, for your sake).

  3. Amy says

    I should’ve decorated last weekend when it was gloomy. I’m not in the mood at all right now :( SO over this heat! And very brave hitting the pumpkin patch! Were they wilting?

  4. says

    Eeek just found your blog, and I am clearly stalking it, hence commenting on a post from a month ago. Your house is decorated so cute! Did you make that wreath yourself? love it!

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