I have a 5 year old!!!

I am so sorry for the blog silence as of late but between traveling all over the place, enjoying the last few weeks of Summer with the boys, working, and just being exhausted by the end of the day…I just haven’t had it in me.  Not to mention I have been curled up in a ball on the floor crying the whole last week because..I HAVE A FIVE YEAR OLD!

Really though, what a milestone.  It really feels like yesterday, yet ages ago, that our tiny 6 lbs. 14oz baby burrito was in my arms, needing his mommy and daddy every minute of the day.  And now, here he is, Mr. Independent!  Playing with his friends, riding his bike and Razor scooter like a pro, building Lego creations upon Lego creations, working on art projects, doing origami (yes, he loves it!), playing golf, soccer, baseball, swimming….he is a full on BOY!!  And really, I just couldn’t possibly love him more.  His smile lights up my whole world, his singing cracks me up, his sense of humor is unreal, but his sweet and sensitive nature is what just melts my heart completely and makes him so special.

Nathan, it was so much fun celebrating you and your big birthday straight through the weekend!  All you wanted was a day with your best buds and a night away at Legoland hotel (working on that) but in the meantime we celebrated Lego-style close to home, and hope you had as much fun as your smile showed us you did.  We love you and are so very proud of our big 5 year old!

LegoParty10LegoParty4 LegoParty3LegoParty9 LegoParty8legoparty1 LegoParty6 LegoParty5 Legoparty2


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  1. says

    These pictures are SO adorable! I love “6 lb 14 oz baby burrito”!!!! It is hard to believe he’s 5 now!! Weren’t we just in the 3rd trimester together yesterday??!

  2. Kara says

    Perfect party, as usual! LOVED the drink box idea – never seen that before. So so great and fun.

    And your sweet boy… it’s so bittersweet, right?

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