{I need to} Workout Wednesday

I’m happy today is hump day, because I’m really hoping to get over it and never look back.

Monday was a really hard day in our house, and well…in our country.  The day just wasn’t going as planned, the boys were all out of sorts, no one was napping, I don’t think we got out of our PJs let alone the house.  And then I saw the news of what happened in Boston… in real time, via friends who live in Boston and were posting to Facebook as it was all happening.  Although I wouldn’t consider myself a “runner” quite yet…I really have grown a large amount of admiration and respect for those that are.  I am starting to feel the love for it, the drive, the excitement of accomplishing goals, and seeing the heart involved.  I felt connected to the Boston marathon this year.  I knew people running in it, I knew some who tried to qualify for it…and I’m really beginning to relate to what it means to take part in such a challenging and rewarding event.

Earlier that day I was glued to Facebook because I wanted to see how my friends did.  I wanted to see photos of their children holding signs, of them pushing through the race, and of them crossing that finish line.   And I almost did…..one of my friends from college was less than half a mile away from doing just that before the explosions happened.  Less than half a mile away…. Instead the photos I saw were ones that I don’t think I will ever be able to erase from my memory.  I’m still wrapping my mind around it like the rest of our country is.  I wanted to get out and run that night.  I wanted to think about something else, to finally get out of the house, and to take my eyes off the news.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it for some reason.

Yesterday morning was still gloomy…both the weather and how I was feeling.  I was determined to get the boys up and running for school and to get my errands done that never happened the day before.  The day started to turn around…Nathan was so happy to be at school, we sang and danced at chapel, and we picked up his hilarious school photos.   How could you not have a better day after seeing these?

school photo

Shane and I went grocery shopping and came home to play while Nathan was still at school.  We were having a great and productive morning.  We drove to school pick-up and as we were leaving Shane just didn’t look right to me.  He looked pale and was falling asleep on my shoulder in the parking lot.  My kids NEVER fall asleep in public, I knew something was wrong and got a pit in my stomach.  He could barely hold his head up on the car ride home.  And then I heard it…SPLAT and Nathan let out a blood curdling scream “Stop the car Mommy Shane is throwing up!”.  I pulled over and Shane was literally green and wouldn’t stop getting sick.  Although my boys seem to catch anything and everything we haven’t had a stomach flu yet so this was a whole new level of sickness…I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it.

We got home and I tried to get him in the bath to clean him up but he could barely sit up and kept getting sick.  Of course Nathan is downstairs screaming that he is hungry for lunch and that he found jelly beans and was just going to eat those…ugh!  It’s so hard when you can’t be in two places at once, and really needed to be.  I called Greg in a panic, and despite being in a meeting, he left work within 10 minutes and came home to help me.  He really is the most wonderful dad/husband on the planet!  He scooped up Shane and they spent the rest of the day like this.

shane and daddy

After 2 hours of constantly throwing up, he took a nice long nap on Daddy and was able to keep some fluids down once he woke up.  His color started to come back, and so did his smile.  Everyone got a decent night of sleep and despite a low-grade fever this morning, he seems to be doing so much better.

It’s Wednesday….I think I was supposed to talk about working out.  We got off track here the past couple of days but this morning the sun is shining, the boys are cheery and mama is ready to go for a run tonight.  I’m going to run tonight because I can….and run because I am even more determined to become a part of the community that has grown even closer because of Monday’s tragedy.  So lace up your sneakers and hit the ground running.  There is a movement to “Run for Boston”.  I plan to track my miles, and also download the Charity Miles app where my mileage goes towards raising money.  Please join me in doing the same!


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    • lauren says

      Ha ha YES! For their Fall photos they do a regular class photo with a simple backdrop. For some reason they bring all these costumes for their Spring photos. It’s totally hilarious!!

  1. says

    YES! Another round of school pictures – I’ve been waiting all year for those!

    But yes, the events in Boston were and are still so horrible and tragic. I’m so happy that more damage was not done but can not imagine all of the grief so many are experiencing.

    And so glad Shane seems to be feeling better!

    • lauren says

      Thanks Kara! These poor little guys keep passing their germs back and forth, I’m so ready for it to end!

      Happy you got a kick out of this years photos. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we have “met” on Instagram….kind of cool if you think about it! :)

  2. says

    I am dying over Nathan’s school pictures. The salute made me burst out laughing. Who thinks of these things?

    I’m sorry Shane isn’t feeling well. I hope things are better today!

    • lauren says

      Thank Jenny. Shane still had a fever today, but I’m just so happy he isn’t throwing up anymore….talk about heartbreaking!

      As for Nathan’s photos I can’t get enough of them…he’s going to look back on them one day and burst out laughing too!

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, how did I miss this?!
    1) You are TOTALLY a runner.
    2) Those school pictures are hilarious!
    3) Poor, poor Shane. I cannot imagine how scary that moment must have been, and how frustrating/challenging that day was for you! I hope he’s 100% now.

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