July Stitch Fix Review

So I am going to make this a quick Stitch Fix review as we are heading out to Hawaii tomorrow and this mama hasn’t even started packing yet….eeek!  It’s ok I work better under pressure lol.

Not sure what Stitch Fix is?  Check out my first review for more details.

Love what you are seeing but have yet to fill out your own style profile?  Go give it a whirl!!  Even if you don’t schedule your first fix right away it is so fun to complete your own STYLE PROFILE and get a better idea of how to define your fashion sense!

Obviously I am still struggling with that because, as always, I would love some help deciding what stays and what goes.  I have to decide quickly because the items I am saying goodbye to need to be in the mail today!  Thank goodness for their prepaid return envelope!  Hopefully I won’t have to put too many items in it though :)

1- Pixley- Shelly Spaghetti Tank Dress- $78.00.  Status: SENT BACK

I really wanted to like this but I just didn’t think it really did much for me, especially with where it cuts off to the white patterned part.  It also belled out and I don’t think it was very flattering.  I did like the fabric though because it was really soft and felt like it could be worn dressed up or very casual.  The cinch waist was nice too but I wasn’t sure how tight to pull it and it just made the dress flare out even more.  Unless you see something I don’t I am pretty convinced this is going back.

July Stitch Fix 5

2- Renee C- Jennifer Graphic Print Kimono Cardigan- $48.00.  Status:  KEPT

Winner winner chicken dinner!  I have two more kimonos I love, but this one definitely looks different from the ones I have so why not add another?  I love the colors and the pattern and it instantly dresses up any outfit.  I knew I was going to like it before I even tried it on.  This was my favorite item of the fix!

July Stitch Fix 4

3- Kensie Jeans- Johnny Skinny Jeans- $88.00.  Status:  KEPT

When I see jeans show up in my fix, I usually cringe.  How in the world would jeans that were mailed to me fit on the first try?  I am the type that needs to try on several pairs at the mall before I find some that fit the way I like them to.  I will have to say these were great!!  They might be just a little big because of how stretchy they are but I like that they aren’t too tight.  I really love the length on them too.  They are the most expensive item in my fix though….so far Im a fan, but what do you think?  As you can see I love it with the kimono as well.

July Stitch Fix 3

4- Zad- Toren Layered Beaded Necklace.  $38.00.  Status:  UNDECIDED

I saw this item in one of my friend’s fixes and I told her to send it back, but here I am considering it for myself.  She had a different color, and she said she would never actually wear hers so maybe I was just supporting the fact that she didn’t seem to like it much.  I think it’s kind of cute though.  I wear a lot of black and neutral colored clothing so it might be fun to have a statement necklace to dress up some of my outfits.  What do you think?

July Stitch Fix 2

5- 19 Cooper- Luke Zip Front Abstract Print Blouse.  $64.00.  Status:  SENT BACK

I just couldn’t get into the pattern on this shirt.  Even if it was the perfect fit (which I don’t think it was) I don’t think I could have convinced myself to like the design.  I do like the back, and I thought the zipper detailing was really unique, but for $64.00 I just wasn’t even close to loving it.  Send back for sure right?

July Stitch Fix

That’s all for this fix!!  I would say it was a good one overall.  I am going to keep going with this because some of my very favorite clothing I own now is from Stitch Fix and they are items I would never have picked on my own.  I love that it gets me to step outside of the box when it comes to my rather neutral colored wardrobe.  Thanks again Stitch Fix….my addiction is still in full swing!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to catching up after our vacation!

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  1. Dotsie says

    The beads look heavy–so weird the designers put out heavy beads for a hot season. To each her own, though, girl! It is cute! Love the Kimono cardi!!

  2. Kara says

    I say go with your gut – love the kimono on you and the jeans. And yeah, the shoes you have on with the jeans are adorable too. For some reason my computer won’t load the picture of the dress so I’ll just take that as a sign that you’re supposed to send it back. ha

    And have FUN in Hawaii! Eeks!!!

    • Kara says

      Okay – now for some reason, I can see the first (dress) and the last pictures – I actually really like the last tank but it might be pricey (??) for what it is – it was very unique and I think looked flattering on you (what doesn’t though!). But I agree to send back the dress – it doesn’t look like “you” to me.

  3. Melanie says

    Stumbled upon your Stitch Fix review via Pinterest. I have to say that I have love the kimono and the skinny jeans on you! I agree with your “no” on the dress and the shirt, and though I might be too late, I’d pass on the beads. Statement necklaces are so fun, but I think you could get a better deal/something with quality to match the price. Just my feedback – enjoyed your blog and appreciate the Stitch Fix reviews! :)

  4. Beth says

    I’ve done Stitch Fix a few times and I haven’t loved many of the items I’ve received. But I think all your stuff is so cute! I’m curious as to what your style profile is and if you have provided them with specific requests or suggestions.

    • lauren says

      Hi Beth- it’s been really helpful to make a Pinterest folder called “My Stitch Fix Style” and then pin clothing you like to it. You can even pin specific items you have seen from other people’s reviews that you liked. Then when you go to schedule your next fix you leave a link to that Pinterest folder and it will give them ideas of what you like. I hope that helps :)

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