Lazy Hazy Summer Weekend

Summer is in full swing, and I think my blog has decided to go on vacation along with us.  And that’s ok….nothing wrong with a little rest and relaxation. We didn’t do anything planned this past weekend, and I loved every single second of it.  Doing so little has never meant so much.  We are definitely always on the go, and I forgot how nice it feels to slow down and let the day unfold on it’s own.

Friday night the boys went to bed early and Greg and I had an at home date night.  We lit a fire in the backyard chiminea (thanks Josh & Ryann), opened a bottle of wine, played some tunes, and chatted until the sprinklers came on.  Although we were up pretty late, Greg’s alarm clock went off at 5:30am to go workout, and then I left at 7:00 for mine {I swear we did relax this weekend, we just wanted the workouts out of the way early}.

After the gym I took Nathan to the farmer’s market for a little one on one time, and then to the grocery store.  That was the extent of leaving our house.  Otherwise we splashed in the backyard to stay cool, napped inside with the a/c, and BBQed up a yummy dinner with some of our fresh produce.  It was so awesome doing a whole lot of nothing, that we decided to do the same thing the next day.

Summer 6 2013garden farmers market farmers market 2

I made this grilled chicken & kale salad on Saturday night and will post a recipe of it tomorrow.  It was so good!

kale salad

Yesterday was equally unplanned and relaxing.  We got up for our Sunday morning run with the neighbors, but took it pretty easy since it was already HOT by 7:00am.  We played outside for awhile, watched a movie inside the cool house, did some laundry and then Mama got to spend some alone time at Michael’s and Trader Joes.  I’m telling you…really exciting weekend over here when your big outing is a solo trip to the craft store.  It cooled down nicely in the evening so I took out some of my goodies and Nathan helped me put together a Summer wreath.

lazy sunday 6-2013 crafting 6 2013

Looking forward to a short week since Greg will have a 4 day weekend coming up!  We are kicking off the 4th of July with a 5k & 10k race in the morning and then have a couple of BBQs on the calendar.  Otherwise we are keeping the long weekend nice and plan free….just the way we like it!  What are your plans for the 4th?  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoy the short week! xo

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  1. says

    I was debating between doing a 5k on 4th of July but Brian is basically threatening my life if I do…mostly because it means he is stuck w/ the kids agaaaaain, and because I’m also doing one on the 14th, and considering a 12-miler in August.

    We had a no-plans weekend, too, and I forgot how nice it was to wake up and not HAVE to be anywhere at any specific time. Caroline definitely took advantage and slept until 8am both days!

    • lauren says

      Hi Kalani! Some breakfast ideas of what I normally eat are: fruit salad, green smoothies, eggs, veggie omelets, natural rolled oats with almond milk, brown rice ricecakes with natural peanut butter, or a mocha Advocare shake. I hope this helps!

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