Ohhhhhh Nathan….

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY!!!Nathan 4 Nathan 4-2

I can’t believe you are 4 years old today sweet Nay!  There aren’t enough words to describe how much we love you and what you mean to us.  Hearing the pitter patter of your feet running down the hall every morning makes my heart skip a beat.  I can’t help but smile as you jump into my arms and we squeeze each other with all of our might as we start a new day together.

You always ask for your brother in the morning, but whisper in the sweetest voice so not to wake him.  As soon as I give you the green light you run with such enthusiasm into his room and scream “Good morning Diaper Baby!!”.  The squeals of happiness that come over the two of you is a sound I never want to forget.  You liven up the house from the moment you wake up and carry that same spunk with you every where you are throughout the day.

You are funny.  You are so, so, so funny.  I don’t even think you realize what a character you are.  Just as much as you are a ball of hilarious energy you can also flip the switch and be one of the most cuddliest, concerned, sensitive and cautious little guys I know.  You aren’t a risk taker, you think everything through, you proceed with caution, and you ask a lot of questions.  You always look out for yourself, your family and your friends and often ask “what happened Mommy, what happened?” anytime someone else looks upset…your compassion for others is something I hope stays with you forever.

You are a such a sponge right now it blows my mind.  You love learning, you love reading books but telling your own version, you love writing notes, and drawing….boy, do you love drawing!  I leave you with a stack of blank paper and markers and come back to find an array of the most amazing and detailed drawings, each of which has a story behind them.  You’re starting to spell out words, and can write uppercase letters so well.  You are definitely meticulous and I watch you try to smudge things with your fingers to erase them if you don’t like how they turned out (sorry kid you get that from me).

And what do you get from your Dad besides those gorgeous eyelashes?  Your humor, your expressiveness, your love for  technology, your athleticism, your ability to sing in key and of course some killer dance moves.

You love riding your bike, driving your car, playing golf and baseball, helping in the garden, playing Legos, watching Disney movies, playing iPad games, doing art projects, playing with your friends, shopping at Target (yes!!), wresting with your brother, snacking, snacking and more snacking, playing doctor and chef, singing in the car, and going on any adventure Mommy and Daddy have planned for you!

Your dislikes include…sharing with your brother, the dark, cheese, taking naps, sleeping in, cats, Mommy going ANYWHERE without you, having to wear clothes besides your “ja-mays”, shampoo in your hair, and 75% of the food I make.  :)

Your whole family, extended across this country, love you to pieces and are so proud of you on your 4th Birthday.  I hope you feel the love coming your way today and every day.  I am so lucky to be your Mom and to have been here right by your side since the day you were born…you will always be my Little Buddy!  We love you Nathan G!  Now let’s go dig into those birthday donuts!! xo

Nathan's Birthday Survey 4

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  1. says

    Tears… I have tears! This is the sweetest post. Nathan is lucky to have a mom like you to write it for him. Such a special gift he will be able to look back on & treasure always. Happy 4th, Nathan!


  2. Ryann says

    This was the sweetest post, Lauren! Happy birthday, sweet Nay Nay! Jorryn-Peep and the rest of the Groseclose Gang love you lots! XO

  3. says

    Happy birthday to your sweet, handsome little guy! The survey is hilarious, will be so fun to look back on when he’s older! “Maybe poopy?” Killed me dead.

  4. Mimalucy says

    So proud knowing you are my adult child who has become this loving mom of 2 precious boys! This blog is amazing!!! I love reading it when I need some “feel good” time. Glad Nay had a great birthday! I already told dad that we are making sure we are in Ca for Nay’s milestone 5th bd!


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