Our week in photos

See that little golfer pictured below?  He is turning FOUR in 2 days!  We have been busy planning some birthday surprises for him, and of course doing a little party planning.  I decided to scale way back this year and just have a few of his buddies over our house, but I just can’t help myself when it comes to crafting up a few party things.  We are really looking forward to celebrating his special day “Splash Bash” style!

I’m pretty sure these boys think they are celebrating every day with some of the fun they have been having this Summer.  Here are a few photos from last week’s happenings that include a morning at the driving range, a day with friends at the Irvine Spectrum, Friday night concerts in the park, dinner at our friends’ house, a Sunday evening spent dining in the harbor, and some sunset playtime at the beach.

Nathan Golf 2013 Spectrum 2013 Concerts 2013 concerts 2013-2 BBQ 2013Dana Point 2012I really don’t want this Summer to end, but the beauty of living in Southern California is it will stretch itself out for at least another two months.  I say this now but I am always the first to complain when October hits and all I want are my Fall candles, chilly days, changing leaves, and Pumpkin spiced lattes.  For now I will soak in these carefree days we have left before Nathan starts up school and we are back into our routine again.

I am already seeing so many people posting their back to school photos, and of course the Summer section at stores is cleared out and replaced with floor to ceiling school supplies.  I’m not sure where this Summer went but we are going to try our best to make the most of what we have left.  Speaking of, the sun is coming out…let’s get this day started!

Have a wonderful week! xo

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    • lauren says

      Lindsay I would REALLY appreciate that info thank you so much. I really hope both your kids are feeling better soon. It’s hard enough when one isn’t feeling well but when they are both down for the count it’s so sad for everyone. Hang in there.

  1. Kara says

    Your week looks so beautiful! Love your family activities. Those boys are definitely living the life – and you make it look good. Keep enjoying your extended summer… and happy birthday, Nathan! (by the way, Shane looks way too big in some of these pictures… I keep thinking back to seeing pictures of him at like 4 and 5 months old!)

    • lauren says

      I know Kara, it’s like Shane turned into a toddler overnight…I feel that way about him too. Just wait until your little one gets here M is going to instantly look so much bigger. I can’t wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl…this is so exciting! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeling for the big announcement. Maybe they will make an early arrival and share Nathan’s birthday on Thursday! :)

  2. says

    Cutie boys! I am with you – I find myself wishing for fall and then telling myself not to wish the summer away! It is going so fast!

    Happy Birthday to you tomorrow, Nathan. Us mid-August Leos are the best :)

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