This mama has lost her mojo!

You know you’ve had a bad week when the highlight of it was spending 2 hours in a dentist’s chair.  Yeah my teeth were being drilled but I got to watch The Food Network, and there weren’t any screaming kids.  It was sadly enjoyable.

The boys are at a really hard age right now.  They fight like maniacs and they love like maniacs.  Unfortunately they still show their love for one another in the form of wresting, choke holds, and rough play.  It’s exhausting from the moment they wake up (too early) to the minute they go to bed (too late).  My 1 hour of alone time comes at 5:30am while I’m working out, only to get home at 6:40am to hear Shane squawking from his crib and Nathan standing bright eyed and bushy-tailed greeting me from his bedroom door.  Awesome, I don’t get to shower now.

It’s been hard to shake the annoyance, but I’ve been trying to dig deep to start each day off on the right foot.  Just when I thought I was conquering the uphill battle….this happened:


Sorry for the gross photo, but it’s the reality of it.  TONSILLITIS…it aint pretty, not pretty at all.  It’s been 6 long days of being trapped in the house worrying about this little guy.  He had a fever of 101-103 around the clock all 6 days, was on a constant stream of Motrin/Tylenol to subside his fever, chills, and pain, and he couldn’t eat anything.  He was such a good sport, and really tried his hardest to be himself, but as soon as his medicine would start to wear off he would ball up on the sofa, shaking, crying and then fall asleep.  It was really hard to watch and not know what I could do to help him.  I’ve been “sleeping” in his bed the whole last week to be there for him when he needed more medicine, water, a nose blowing session or a bathroom trip.  I didn’t want him to have to yell for us and every night he would say “Mommy, I don’t want to be by myself”.  Obviously I wasn’t going to leave him…

Sometimes I feel like we can’t catch a break in the health department, if it’s not one it’s the other or sometimes both at the same time which is extra special.  Our pediatrician keeps reassuring us that it’s very normal, they are healthy, and this is just a phase that will make them stronger in the end but it’s upsetting nonetheless.

It’s the Summer!!  We should be outside in the sunshine, at the beach, playing with friends, riding bikes.  We are ready to get back at it!  Thankfully his tonsillitis was viral (not strep) and his fever broke yesterday.  He was definitely back to his feisty self and latched himself onto Shane like Velcro from the second they woke up.  There was screaming, fighting, laughing, crying, and whining….our house was back to normal.

We have a fun weekend coming up filled with some girl time, a John Mayer concert, and a birthday party.  We are definitely looking forward to it and hope it gets our spirits up and puts us back on track.  We still have time to turn this week a good one, and I’m going to try my best to make it happen.  Xo

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  1. says

    Glad N is feeling better! “There was screaming, fighting, laughing, crying, and whining” — wow sounds just like my house. Why do they have to show their love by wrestling? It always ends in screaming!

    • lauren says

      I don’t know Saz!! There is screaming while they are fighting and screaming while they are playing. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference!! Oh these crazy boys of ours!

  2. Rachel says

    Oh goodness! I have 2 boys as well ( almost one and three) I can relate to everything in this post- and it’s so exhausting. Good to know that the next stage is just as exhausting;) Hope next week is easier on ya! Lovin your blog

    • lauren says

      Sounds like we are totally in the same boat! 2 boys feels pretty insane most days haha. Thank you so much for checking out my blog…do you have one as well?

  3. says

    Oh man. What a week! You guys really can’t catch a break. So sorry!! You have a great attitude that will help you turn the week around though! Here’s to a better finish!!

  4. says

    Poor mama! I feel your pain with the fighting children — mine are the best of friends one minute and then fighting the next! I am glad Nathan is feeling better. What an awful thing to go through.

    • lauren says

      Thanks Jenny it was a pretty rough week, I felt so bad for him. Things are better though and they are back to the whole best friend/fighting thing just like your kiddos! :)

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