Treat Yourself Tuesday

Treat Yourself Tuesdays have become one of my favorite posts thanks to Becky over at Olives ‘N Wine.  I get to share some of my favorite things with you AND I get to share them with myself :).  That’s the point of these posts right?  To find the time to get in a little guilt-free pampering.   With Valentine’s Day coming up on Friday and my 34th Birthday on Saturday there is no better time to show myself some love!  I recommend you do the same for yourself because we all deserve to feel special.  Pour yourself a nice glass off wine tonight (you know a step up from the 2 Buck Chuck), do a little online shopping and get yourself those shoes you keep eyeing, call up a friend and plan an impromptu girls night out…whatever puts a smile on your face…make some time for it!  Here are a few things that made this mama happy this past week.

1- My fellow runners…do what your legs do best and haul booty to your closest Target.  How cute are these tanks for only $9.99?  I picked up the grey one for myself and then proceeded to text all my friends photos that I knew would want these too.  I kind of wish I got all 3 now!  I wasn’t thinking straight at the moment because I was too excited obviously.

treat 8

2.  For those of you who read my first Stitch Fix review I decided the only keeper was this coral shirt.  I did like everything else but practicality wise I treated myself to one nice shirt since I rarely wear anything dressy lol.  And you KNOW I already put my second “fix” in last week and this time requested cute, casual, comfy clothes….I have a feeling I’m going to keep the whole box!  Can’t wait to share what I get for my next shipment.  If you haven’t treated yourself to a Stitch Fix yet, do yourself a favor and go fill out your style profile HERE…way too much fun!!


3.  This is just a silly little purchase I made this past week but for some reason it totally makes me so happy every time I see it.  In the last 2 months I have completely made the switch over to using a Macbook Air and I am in love with it.  I am still trying to figure it out but lets get real…I know how to use e-mail, Facebook, Google and post blogs…do I really need to know more?  Since I am new the world of Macs I thought I had to get a giant protective case to carry it around but nope, the cases snap on just like your phone covers and of course are so cute too.  So say hello to my turquoise friend….isn’t she so cute now?

treat 6

4.  Since entering my 30s I really have had no interest in celebrating my birthday.  I’ve actually never been big on birthdays come to think of it, but this year I’m excited to get dressed up for a night out on the town with Greg!  There will be wining (not to be confused with whining but I do that quite well too), dining and dancing.  I thought it would be just the occasion to hit up Rent the Runway for a fun little number to wear out for the night…I had a credit and this cute dress was only $30 to rent so I went for it.  It’s gets here on Thursday…fingers crossed it fits!

treat 7

5.  I’m not sure if there are rules to Treat Yourself Tuesday…I’m pretty sure it’s about doing a few nice things for yourself, but I just can’t help but want to share something nice someone did for me.  Through Advocare I have met some pretty incredible people all across the country and just this past week I was surprised by not one, but two completely out of the blue and most thoughtful gifts from people I have never actually met before.  You know who you both are, and my eyes instantly filled with tears…not from the gifts, but from your incredibly sweet words that came with them.  I am going to definitely pay this forward and treat others I know to some surprises as well.  I can’t think of a better way to make your own heart happy than knowing you have made someone else’s day :)  Friends, if you get one of these mason jar glasses from me know that I didn’t come up with this idea but come on…I’m so obsessed with how cute they are I have to buy more.  It’s my official Spark cup!

treat 5

6.  And last but certainly not least….I really am loving these scalloped edged bikinis from Victoria Secret.

treat 3

I actually haven’t purchased one yet…I have just been browsing.  BECAUSE…..

WE ARE GOING TO MAUI!!!!!  You guys Greg and I haven’t been on a vacation together….alone…in like 7 years!!!  Maybe even more!  I am obviously terrified to leave the boys at home because I have trouble leaving them for a few hours but, for Maui?!?!  I think the boys will have a blast with their Mima and Papa while Mommy and Daddy get away to celebrate our friend’s wedding right back where we honeymooned.  I booked the trip 2 days ago and although it’s several months away my heart skips a beat just thinking about it.  For now I will just stare at photographs and obsessively search for the perfect bathing suit!


That’s all for this Treat Yourself Tuesday.  So let’s hear it…what have you treated yourself to lately?

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  1. says

    I don’t even know where to begin here – I love it all!!!! I hope you have a blast in Maui. We’re going to Dominican Republic later this year too and I’m slightly freaking out about leaving the kids, but it’s our 10 year anniversary! I hope I can relax and have a great time without worrying too much.

    • lauren says

      Wow 10 years…how exciting!!! I know what you mean, my stomach knots up just thinking about leaving them. Hopefully once you get there you will be able to relax…it sounds like an amazing getaway that you deserve!

  2. says

    Okay, first of all, there is NOOOO way you’re almost 34. I thought you were turning 29 (like me). SERIOUSLY. If I look half as good as you do after 2 babies at the age of 34, I will count my blessings :) Hopefully AdvoCare will be on my side!

    You have so many awesome treats this week – the cold-weather Target’s don’t have those tanks yet but when they do I’m buying ALL of them. Good choice on the Fix ;) And Maui?! I’ve never been but it’s on my list. You’ll enjoy the time away as a couple even if it is hard leaving your boys for a few days!

    • lauren says

      Aww thank you Becky….after celebrating this weekend I felt like I was closer to 50, I was hurting!! lol I’m going to chalk it up to all that clean eating and not me getting older ;). You look fantastic though and Advocare is definitely something always to count on! Thanks for starting Treat Yourself Tuesday…I love it!!

    • lauren says

      haha I want to order one soon. You know how it goes with bikinis….you are obsessed with them until you try them on lol.

  3. says

    Yay for Maui, how fun! I absolutely love the Mac cover, I’ve been eyeing a set in that same color. Love the Target shirts, I’ve seen them on Instagram and looked at my Target but they don’t have them. Maybe I should look online ;)

    • lauren says

      Oh no I hope you can find them…I went to a different Target the other day and they had some of the purple ones but that is all. And the Mac cover is a must purchase, makes your laptop so cute (and protected!!)

    • lauren says

      Me too!!!! So excited you guys will be on the trip also…it will be so nice to hear ourselves think for once lol. I hope you have treated yourself to a Stitch Fix, I think you’d love it!!

    • lauren says

      Thanks Kara…I am definitely excited for Maui, it just seems like so far away at this point but love having something to look forward to.

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