Treat Yourself Tuesday

Linking up today with Becky from Olives ‘n Wine for a  Treat Yourself Tuesday post.  TYT has easily become one of my favorite link-ups to participate in because it’s such a simple concept that we often overlook….it’s ok to treat yourself!  Take time for yourself, indulge in a few extra things here and there, do things that make you happy…and do these things free of guilt because we all deserve it!  So how have you pampered yourself this week?  Here’s a few things that have recently put a smile on my face:

{1}  If you missed my Stitch Fix review from yesterday check it out and know that I listened to all the feedback I received and decided to keep the striped dolman top and the yellow skinny jeans! And without hesitation scheduled my next fix for mid April.  If you’ve been wanting to try this service, in the name of Treat Yourself Tuesday, go for it!  At the very least go and fill out a Style Profile for yourself just because it’s fun!


{2}  Well, normally I would say that Monday nights are my favorite (and only) night I treat myself to some terrible television.  And although watching last night’s Bachelor finale was something I was really looking forward to…can we talk about the ending?!?  I don’t even know what to say….but I do know that isss definitely not okay!  I will say I’m bummed about my favorite night of television turning boring again, but Im glad I treated myself this week one last time before next season.


{3}  I saw these two scarves on and decided they should make their way to my doorstep especially since each of them were under $7.00.  They have a lot of cute, lightweight scarves on there right now which I thought would be perfect for Spring.  If you run over there quickly enough I believe there were still some of these available.  Scarves are my way of sprucing up any casual outfit and making it look like I put in just a LITTLE bit more effort.  Excited to get these!



{4}  My friend Ryann had a Stella & Dot party this past weekend and it was so much fun to actually be guest at one instead of hosting one (well I love doing that too of course).  This gave me lots of time to look at all the jewelry (drink champagne and eat cheese), and really decide which of my favorite items would be added to my collection.  I went with these and can’t wait for them to get here!  I’m pretty sure Stella & Dot is my second favorite delivery to get!  Check out number 5 for my favorite mail day!

TYT1{5}  All I have to say is it’s Christmas in March over here!  There is no better mail day then an Advo mail day!  Don’t worry this isn’t all for me (or is it?).  I can’t even tell you how giddy I get looking at all these goodies lined up in my pantry.  I am trying out a few new things too which I am really excited about.  What I am even MORE excited about is that we are starting another large group challenge on April 7th that I will also be participating in.  If you’re ready to treat yourself to feeling and looking your best into the Spring and Summer months…come and join us!  You will quickly see why we all get so excited for product delivery day!


There is a lot going on in the next few months and really I am going to try to focus on treating myself to TIME.  Time to slow things down and focus on the boys, time alone with Greg, time for me and my girlfriends, and most importantly some time alone just to give myself a chance to take a break from it all.  I know a lot of my Treat Yourself Tuesday items are “things”….mainly because they are more interesting to share a photo of, but really I can’t stress enough that the greatest gift you can ever give yourself is the chance to slow down and take some time for yourself.  Speaking of, both boys are napping which is a complete miracle in and of itself, so time to unplug and enjoy the silence…my favorite treat of all.

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    Oh my gosh, I love allll of these treats! Stitch Fix, scarves (that I must check out right now!), S&D and Advo. I’m pretty sure we’re living the same life ;) The only difference being I didn’t watch The Bachelor this season! Thanks for linking up – I hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday :)

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    So great. I think the realization of the little things we treat ourselves to helps make us feel a little more pampered. Will you show how you style the scarves for everyday wear? I have so much trouble with things like that.

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