Tuesday Tidbits

Guess who started school yesterday?


Nathan preschool

And guess what Mommy did with her free time? (well “free time” meaning just one kid which these days is a serious break).  I stared at the clock counting down the minutes until I could go pick Nathan back up from school. haha.  What is wrong with me?  I don’t know…maybe other stay at home moms can relate but he’s seriously my little buddy.  The house was really quiet without him.  When you sometimes feel like you are lacking adult conversation, you fill the void with the musings of your 4 year old chatter box.  I missed him.  I know once we get back into the swing of things I will start to really enjoy my one on one time with Shane, and will appreciate being able to get a little more done…but for now I’m having the back-to-school blues.

He was so funny and was talking to me like he was the parent …  “It’s ok Mommy, you know how you went to the hotel with Daddy for some time?  I’m just going to have a little Nathan time and then I’ll come right back ok?”  I swear these were his exact words…see why I miss him?  Really though, I’m so excited for him and I could tell he really was happy to be back with all his new school friends.

So what else is new?  Well t-minus 5 weeks until half marathon time.  I’m actually getting really excited for it and kind of wish it were sooner.  I’m not putting any pressure on myself and my only goal is to run the entire thing (ok I’m lying a little…I’d LOVE to finish around the 2 hr mark).  I think what I am most looking forward to is running the race with those that have been inspiring me lately…my friends, my neighbors, my bootcamp friends, my trainers…everyone is going to be there running this together and I feel such a closeness to all of them.  There really is no way to describe the camaraderie you form with those that share your same interest in running.  They have been nothing but positive influences and it’s so cool to have new friendships that were formed around encouragement.

Some of the same people I am running the half with, are also those that go to bootcamp with me.  It’s been awhile since I have updated about it, but I have signed up permanently and try to get there every morning at 5:30am.  It’s a struggle every time my alarm goes off, and I play the mental game for a good 5 minutes…but I think of my morning crew and it gets me right out of bed to know they will be doing it too.  It’s been awesome….awesome!!  I have tried lots of different workouts in the past ranging from classes at the gym, to yoga, to intense cardio, and weight training….but this, it’s everything in one.  It’s a total butt-kicking session every.single.day!  I’m not even exaggerating when I say I’ve been sore every day for over 7 weeks now since I first started.   It really is making the most significant changes in me though so it’s worth the daily torture.  Not to mention seeing the smiling faces of my trainers and fellow bootcampers is the best way to start the day.  This view isn’t too shabby either…


Speaking of being part of an encouraging group…The Advocare 24 Day Group Challenge  I’m heading up with Samantha and Jenny is going so amazingly well.  We are up to almost 70 people all doing the challenge together and everyone is doing SO GREAT…I can’t even express how proud I am of everyone who made the commitment to join us.  Some people are just starting, others started early and are 10+ days in….but the results are already blowing my mind.  5lbs gone…10lbs gone….energy levels off the charts…workout accountability…recipe swapping…questions being answered….and just chit chatting and getting to know one another.  It’s such a group effort and I really think it’s making all the difference…not to mention it’s so FUN!!  I still get several e-mails asking if people can still join us…YES OF COURSE!!!  Although we set a start date of September 5th we are keeping the momentum going well beyond the 24 days and I hope this group continues to grow and support one another well past the challenge timeline.  Please don’t be shy and send me an e-mail HeyLaurenRene@gmail.com or message me via blog’s Facebook page.  I’ll be happy to send an invite your way and explain to you what you will need to get started.  Come join us!

One final rambling before I hit “post” but I think I’m close to getting bit by the Fall bug.  My Pinterest is flooded with Halloween and Fall decorating ideas, people are starting to talk about their pumpkin spiced lattes and lighting their Fall candles…I really wasn’t feeling it, probably because it was 100 degrees and sunny out all last week.  I hit up the mall solo on Sunday and I finally got into the spirit of wanting the cooler temps, cozy clothes, and all the fun that comes with the festivities of the Fall.  I ended up leaving with these two candles from Bath and Body Works, and am trying to burn through my Summer candles as quickly as I can.

Sweater Weather candle

And I also got some cozy Fall clothes that I’m ready to start wearing.  I saw so many adorable dressy Fall outfits, and while I would have loved to buy a few they just don’t seem practical for my day to day clothing.  I need something a step up from gym clothes haha.  I have been looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans and I think I found them at The Gap.  I also got this super cozy grey top from there as well that I will probably wear every day and sleep in…I wish I were kidding but that’s how I do things these days lol.fall clothesWell that’s all the random tidbits I have for you this Tuesday.  I hope your week is treating you well so far! XO

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  1. says

    Okay, is the Sweater Weather scent good? I was so tempted to get that last time I placed a big order (the closest one is like, 30 minutes away and I never really want to go to the mall on weekends anymore, ha) BUT it didn’t come with wallflowers, which we also use. I ended up getting Pumpkin Carving which smells pretty good, but Sweater Weather’s description sounded perfect for our house.

    Also, what is the exact date of your half? Are you the week before the marathon? You can TOTALLY finish in 2 hours or less! TOTALLY. I have so much faith. Regardless, though, you will feel like a rock star at the end!

    • lauren says

      Yes Sweater Weather is worth getting..I love it! And can’t wait to get it all lit up for the Fall. I think Fall candles are my favorite part of the whole season!

      The exact date of the half is October 13th. I’m really at the point of just being excited. Thank you for the encouragement! I know you are clocking in some crazy miles right now but I hope you reach the point of excitement too (which I’m sure you are, but I know it’s a lot of work too)….you’re going to do great. What a year of running this has been!!

  2. says

    Loved this post. The clothes suggestions especially.

    But man, you are the workout queen. So impressed by your commitment and motivation. Hoping it rubs off.

    • lauren says

      Thank you Kara! A perk of having an end of Summer baby is bathing suit season isn’t until another year haha. You get to jump right into the cozy clothing party with me! It’s the best time of the year. Happy you liked some of my suggestions!

  3. says

    Ooh I need some new candles! And I love the back to school pics! And seriously yeah, you are def the workout queen lol. Send me some of your dedication please!

  4. says

    So proud for your big half marathon! Am loving the 24 Day Challenge Facebook group myself. It has helped to hold me accountable…which I need so much.

    I love the Sweater Weather candle myself. I have it burning now as I felt it was a good transition candle. A hint of fall without being pumpkin-y. :)

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