Weekend Recap {4th of July}

I’m back after an enjoyable four day long weekend with the fam!  I hope all of you had a fantastic 4th of July too!  I’m still in a firework fog over here but I just wanted to share a few photos from our fun-filled and relaxing weekend.

We kicked off our 4th by doing the Freedom Run 5k & 10k that our town holds every year.  Greg did the 10k and had to be down there by 6:45am so I got the kids ready is their red, white and blue and walked down to where the race was {thankfully it’s held a 5 minute walk from our house} and was able to get there in time to watch Daddy cross the finish line.  He did an awesome job!  We switched off the kids so I could run the 5k and I loved seeing the boys at different spots along the way cheering me on.  It was so fun!  I’ll write more about the race in a separate post tomorrow.

4th of July 2013 85k 2013 5k 2013 2 5k 2013 3

 After the race we headed home, got ready for the day, rested, got both boys napping, prepped some food, and headed out into the neighborhood for some BBQing and fireworks with friends.  It was Shane’s first time seeing fireworks and he was a little unsure  and scared at first, but by the end he was totally in awe of them.  We actually sat in a great little spot off the main field everyone sits in and it was perfect!  There was lots of room, and the fireworks weren’t directly over our head which probably  made it easier on all the little ones’ ears.  We didn’t get home until just before 10:00pm but the neighbors were lighting off their own fireworks so we couldn’t say no to Nathan trying out sparklers for the first time.  It was an awesome end to the day!

4th of July 2013Cute fruit tray by Ryann

4th of July 2013 2 4th of July 2013 34th of July 2013 7 4th of July 2013 5 4th of July 2013 44th of July 2013 6

The rest of the weekend was packed to the brim with Summer fun.  We went to the neighborhood water park, we splashed around in the yard, rode bikes, went running, we made s’mores in the backyard fire, we had friends over for a BBQ, Greg and Nathan went to see Monster’s University, and we just kicked back with our Lime-a-ritas in hand and enjoyed our four days with Daddy home!

water park 2013water park 2013 1 water park 2013 2

Today we kicked off Nathan’s first time at Vacation Bible School.  Would you look at him in his little Summer Camp t-shirt?!  Where did my baby go?  It will be nice to have the mornings with just Shane this week.  Hoping to take him out and about for some one on one mama time!


Hoping this Monday hasn’t been too rough on you all, and that the rest of your week is a great one!  xo

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  1. Mimalucy says

    As always, I look forward to reading your amazing blog…. Keeps me updated on all the happenings out there! Great photos! Miss you all. ❤❤❤❤

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