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Although I haven’t been keeping up with my Monday Meal Plans via the blog, they are always ongoing in our home.  I feel like our household has been upside down the last few weeks, but the one thing that remains constant and simple to maintain is what we are eating. I look forward to making dinner because there is some organization to it which seems to be lacking from the rest of my day.

Here are the clean eating meals we enjoyed last week:

MEAL PLAN {4/15-4/21}


 Monday- Chicken Summer Wraps {Shown in above photo- omitted mayonnaise and used natural PB}

Tuesday- Turkey chili

Wednesday- Buffalo Chicken Quinoa

Thursday- Breakfast for dinner {made a veggie quiche}

Friday-Homemade turkey meatballs with brown rice pasta

Saturday- BBQ {We did carne asada.  Not the cleanest of meals but had some low carb sides- minus all beer & margaritas oops!}

Sunday- Went out to eat at El Torito and had delicious chicken salads.


MEAL PLAN { 4/22-4/28 }

Monday- Chicken & Veggie kabobs on the grill

Tuesday- Zuchini Buffalo turkey burgers with sweet potato wedges

Wednesday- Crockpot Southwestern 2 bean & chicken chili {Shown in above photo}

Thursday- White bean, kale and quinoa soup 

Friday- Crockpot salsa chicken taco salads

Saturday- Cucumber California rolls {no rice}

Sunday- Hosting a girly party at our house….aka….cheat day!  Hoping to make some fun apps!

As always, I would love to see what your recipe line-up is for the week.  Also if you ever want further details on something we ate just let me know and I will be happy to post a recipe if I haven’t already.  Hope you all have a tasty and healthy week ahead!

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  1. says

    Love seeing your meal plan. I’m impressed that you guys don’t have leftover nights – we do that at least once a week. I make grilled turkey and cheeses (or other sandwiches – egg salad or tuna) once-ish a week usually too.

    How was the buffalo quinoa?! I just pinned it from your board after reading the rave reviews but our buddy doesn’t seem to love buffalo flavored stuff much (and he’s not a picky eater) so I wasn’t sure if I should give it a try or not. Is it super spicy? It looks great otherwise!

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring! I love to cook and meal plan but you are way more ambitious than me so I get so many ideas from you!

    • lauren says

      Funny…we may eat healthy but we eat A LOT…there have never been leftovers in our house haha. I’m always impressed when people can stretch out their food like that. I would definitely give the Buffalo chicken quinoa a try but read the response I wrote to Liz below. It is a bit spicy so we hold off with Shane. Nathan tries but says “mom this is so BICEY” lol. Let me know what you think if you end up making it! :)

      • says

        Okay – good to know. I used to make a buffalo chicken slow cooker sandwich type thing and thought Miller would love it as he is a good and adventurous eater but it was too spicy for the poor guy. Maybe I can try it without the buffalo sauce in the slow cooker and then add it over top of ours or something – but not his – because I’m sure he’d love the rest. Love your meal and recipe ideas!!!

    • lauren says

      Its really good!! I make mine a little different than the recipe. I put the chicken in the crockpot with the buffalo sauce and let it sit during the day. Shred it up and put the broccoli in for about an hour at the end. Cook the quinoa on its own then add everything on top. It is spicy for the kids so Ill just do the broccoli, quinoa and other food we have on hand in the fridge for them.

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