Whirlwind Weekend in Boston

Ready to see how you do Boston in weekend with great friends you haven’t seen in so many years?  Well here are some photos from my less than 72 hour solo adventure to Beantown!  This really should be a Treat Yourself Tuesday post because this mama went ALL OUT, but I was still catching up on sleep Tuesday and couldn’t get my act together.

Let me start by saying that I haven’t seen my college ladies together in one room in 4+ years if not longer.  We have scattered across the country, actually the world, gotten married, had babies and it’s just so hard to find ourselves in the same place at the same time with life getting in our way.  This was the reunions of all reunions and I couldn’t have been happier that it was for the wedding of our dear friend Stasha.

I flew out early last Saturday morning from LAX.  Have you ever flown Virgin America?  #obsessed.  I spent a little extra to sit in their VIP lounge for the 2 hours before my flight.  It may have been 6:30am but you bet I was taking advantage of the complimentary mimosas lol.  I also couldn’t help myself with the in air WiFi for the flight, such a treat for this very nervous flyer.


I got in at around 5:00pm East Coast time and went right to the hotel where I would be staying and where the wedding was.  It was BEAUTIFUL to say the very least.  I don’t even remember the last time I have been all alone in a nice hotel room.  So what else is there to do besides take a bathroom selfie? lol

Boston 9

I dropped off my luggage, and had some time before I got to see my friends and headed straight out to walk around and find a place to eat.  I totally forgot how much I loved Boston and how much I used to enjoy eating alone.  This salad literally took me 30 minutes to eat…I slowly and quietly enjoyed each bite!  These are the little moments you really come to appreciate after having children.

Boston 15

I people watched, shopped around, and made my way back to the hotel to get ready to finally meet up with my girlfriends.  I wish I could say I have pictures to share from the night but we were way too busy attacking one another with hugs, chatting each others ears off, and toasting drink after drink.  It’s amazing how so much has changed yet nothing has changed over the last 12 years since we graduated from college.

Sunday morning I relaxed in my cozy hotel bed, and watched episodes of Say Yes to the Dress while snacking on Salt Water Taffy.  Overindulging or what?  I loved it!  It felt so good to have absolutely nothing to do.   I finally got ready and met everyone for brunch downstairs at out hotel.

Boston 12

My friend Mimosa, how we meet again!   I also had the yummiest red quinoa, wilted spinach and scrambled egg dish.  I had to take a photo because I would love to recreate this at home.  It was so good!

Boston 8

We then headed to Blo – Blow Dry bar to have our hair done.  I requested a fun and funky side fishtail braid that I knew I would never be able to pull off on my own.  I love how it turned out.  We then walked up the road to this awesome wine shop where they had wines on tap that you could push a button and sample yourself.  I think we spent 45 minutes standing around the machine and definitely abused our sampling privileges.

Boston 6 copy

Next up was a trip to Saks to see if we could have our makeup done.  I lucked out and got someone awesome to help me out and she went to town on my makeup.  I loved how it turned out and of course had to buy some way overpriced makeup for her doing such a great job.  She saved me so much time too.  We made it back to the hotel with an hour to spare before the wedding ceremony.  All I had to do was throw on my dress and pour a glass of wine.  Speaking of dresses….Rent The Runway for the win AGAIN!!!  I did not want to send this one back!

Boston 10

The rest of the night was straight out of a fairytale.  I felt like I was attending the wedding of royalty!  Every last detail was so gorgeous, classy and elegant.  And although the event was complete perfection, the crowd could also kick of their shoes and have an insanely good time.  Stasha looked incredible and it was so wonderful to see her and her husband Conner surrounded by so much beauty and so many people that cared about them.

The food was amazing, the band was phenomenal and I find it no coincidence that our table was right next to the band and the dance floor.  We were up there dancing from the time the food was served, until they closed the place down.  I missed Greg a whole bunch since he is THE best wedding date and dancing partner out there, but spending the night with my ladies was priceless.

Boston 7 Boston 11 Boston 14 Boston 13 Boston 3 Boston 2

My flight back was the next morning at 11:00am, and although it was so sad saying goodbye to everyone, I know that when we are together again we will pick right back up where we left off.

I got home Monday afternoon and spent the rest of the long weekend BBQing and catching up with my boys.  It was a whirlwind of a trip, but just what this mama needed!

 photo HeyLaurenReneSignature2_zpsc907a957.png


  1. Kara says

    I send Mia’s comment! You look so great. You really know how to take it up a notch – so so fun and gorgeous.

  2. stasha says

    It was no coincidence at all that my ladies were next to the dance floor. I live hearing about rhe night through a guedts’ eyes. Xoxo

  3. Katie says

    Lauren, you look GORG!!! Love the whole look, but dying to know where you got your shoes? I’m looking for an upcoming wedding and haven’t found anything yet :(

  4. Megan snyder says

    Hi there! I have been reading your blog for a while after my sister- in – law, Jen Thibodeau Moreland – told me to check it out! I actually read your stich fix review which convinced me to buy my first fix! Love your blog!

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