Workout Wednesday {Advocare update}

It’s been awhile since I have written about my progress using Advocare products.  Since I first started the 24 Day Challenge back in January, I have had a lot of people give it a try along side me.  It’s been awesome seeing everyone’s progress, sharing recipes and workouts, and just motivating each other along the way.   I often get asked “so, what do you do after the 24 days is over?” and I thought I would write about that for those that are currently doing the challenge or those of you who may be interested in trying it some day.

{If you are reading this and have no idea what the 24 Day Challenge even is, please see THIS post}

It’s been almost 4 months since I started using Advocare products.  Here is my April progress photo.  I have lost about 22lbs and 16″ from my waistline, arms, hips & thighs (7.5″ off my waist alone).  Most importantly I just have so much more energy and have found a love for working out again.

24 day challenge results

 I lost the majority  of my weight during the initial 24 days of the challenge.  It was the perfect way to jump start Operation Pre-pregnancy Weight!  I saw all the progress I was making those first few weeks that I started to get nervous about what I was going to do once the challenge was over.  This seems to be the main concern of everyone else who has been doing the challenge as well.  Here’s what I have been giving as advice based on what has worked for me.

You can either be happy with the 10-15 lbs you probably lost during the 24 days and go from there.  Continue eating well, working out when you can, and just enjoy the quick results you got.  This will definitely get you to at least maintain your new weight loss.

I still knew I had more weight to lose, so I decided to find a way to fit Advocare into my day to day routine without having to be quite as strict as the 24 Day Challenge.  This included continuing to exercise, to clean eat, and to use some of my favorite products & supplements.   Where I became more flexible is definitely on the diet end.  Although our family is probably eating about 80% “clean”, Greg and I definitely indulge in weekend date night meals and alcoholic drinks :)  Speaking of Greg….can he get a round of applause for losing over 30lbs these past 4 months too?  I’m so proud of him!

While everyone knows diet and exercise are always the most important elements to losing weight, I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you that I’ve been using.  I am 100% convinced supplements have made such a huge difference in my progress.  They make me feel better, they curb my appetite, the help build lean muscle, they give me energy, and they fill in the gaps nutritionally for any vitamins I may have missed out on throughout the day.  Here are a few things I can’t live without these days:


Would you believe I quit coffee and diet soda for good 4 months ago?  Thank goodness for Spark!  It contains 21 vitamins, tastes awesome, and gives you non-jittery, long-lasting energy and mental focus.  It also has amino acids so it helps with fat burning and lean muscle production.  I’m in LOVE with this stuff!!  Grape and Mandarin orange are our favorite flavors.  I start my day with a Spark and you will always find it in my water bottle at the gym.



I’m kind of convinced this product should be illegal.  Not because it’s bad for you, but because it almost makes you feel like you’re cheating.  I haven’t met a person who didn’t love this stuff.  It’s been nicknamed “Liposuction in a bottle”.  It’s a blend of essential branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine that supplies your body with muscle-building components and sustains your muscles during exercise and reduced calorie intake.  In other words it sucks away at your fat and preserves and promotes lean muscle production.  See why I have 3 bottles of it?  :)  Actually Greg loves this product too, so although I don’t want to share…I do.  It says you can take 3 of them 3x a day.  I only take 2 in the morning or before a workout.  My sister swears by Catalyst and Spark.  Check out her fitness page on Instagram .  Insane right?



Greg and I just recently started using this product before we go for longer runs.  IT.IS.AWESOME!  I don’t know if it’s just the placebo effect or if it truly works, but we both feel like our endurance goes way up after we use them.  On Advocare’s website it says “O2 Gold Advanced supplement is an excellent solution for greater energy, endurance and vitality whether you’re a marathon runner, a busy parent or both.  Serious athletes will notice the differences that O2 Gold Advanced supplement brings to their regimen, and casual users will notice the refreshing lift to their energy and liveliness. Most importantly, O2 Gold Advanced supplement helps you maximize oxygen usage in your body so that you can feel better and perform better.”  SOLD!!  And that’s exactly how it makes me feel.  My lungs feel like I could run forever now….my hips and ankles? Not so much!  We are working on that, but for now I am in love with this product!



The only part of clean eating that I find difficult is quick, on the go, filling and tasty snack/meal options.  Clean eating does require some planning, and when I’m in a rush I find myself grabbing an apple or a handful of almonds, but find myself wanting more.  That’s why I love these snack bars.  Finding a clean nutrition bar isn’t easy to do.  Most of them have sugar or processed ingredients in them, but take a look at the ingredients in these:  Chia seed, hemp seed, flax seed, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, apples, oats, agave syrup, dates, hemp powder and brown rice protein.  Can’t get any more natural than that can you?  They are DELICIOUS and so filling.  I just tried these out a couple weeks ago for the first time and the box was empty in no time.  The kids love them too!


These aren’t “magic pills” or “diet pills”.  These are just great, healthy, and effective products that I have really grown to love and have helped me immensely.  While I realize that taking supplements isn’t for everyone, I have had so many people ask about Advocare so I thought I would share some information about what we have been using.  I’m going to keep trying new product too, so I’ll definitely keep you posted on any new favorites that come along.

Ooooh and something else that is going to really help?  NEW RUNNING SHOES!  I went to an actual running store today and had my feet measured and electronically scanned.  These are the pretties that came home with me today.  I’ve never owned Asics before, but I did a nice easy 3 mile loop on these this evening and it felt like I was running on clouds.  Can’t wait to put some miles on these!


Hope you all had a great Workout Wednesday and got in some good exercise this week….even if it just included chasing around your kids that totally counts!  It’s been a busy week and I’m way behind in blog reading, but I look forward to reading some inspiring Workout Wednesday posts.  I got mine in before midnight so that’s gotta be good for something right?  Time to shower and pass out!  xo

PS- As you know I’m still really new to blogging (again) and recently I have seen bloggers linking up their posts.  I have been following Skinny Meg’s weight loss journey and wanted to jump on board linking up with her Workout Wednesday post.  If you haven’t seen her success story before definitely give her blog a read!  She’s a mama who has lost over 110 lbs!!  ::insert shock face here::


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  1. says

    You look amazing Lauren! Am so proud of you!

    Another couple of products that I love taking post challenge are ThermoPlus and I also continue to take the MNS packs to get in my vitamins, Omega 3s, and other things my body is missing. You might check them out!

    I failed on my last cleanse that I did so I am planning to start another one soon. Need some serious motivation to get back on track! :)

    • lauren says

      Thanks SO much Jenny! You guys got me hooked!

      I actually do still take MNS Max 3, Thermoplus in the morning and Omega 3s with dinner….can we say Advocare junkie? Lol. I should have definitely mentioned those too! I actually also recently got Carb Ease for those cheat meals :).

      You are so busy right now with your move. I’m sure once you’re settled into a better routine you’ll find time to get your motivation back. You always look great though!

  2. Andrea Pappas says

    amazeballs!! I can’t wait to try this stuff after baby and breastfeeding world is over! so awesome! you look great and very very inspiring!

    • lauren says

      Thank you so much Andrea!! Looks like you’re loving all the clean eating recipes out there and that’s half the battle right there! So excited to meet this little bambino in August.

  3. says

    You look amazing and seriously have me wanting to do this! I actually went to a running store and did the same thing this weekend and came home with some new Asics! I ran with them today and LOVED them!

  4. Kara says

    Wow. This is just a whole world that I have no clue about. So interesting. But I’m really here to comment on your sister!! WHOA She is so fit and muscular. I’m so jealous. What a motivator I bet she is for you!! Amazing.

  5. says


    Love your results! I’ve been starting a new lifestyle change, and my trainer recommended me Advocare’s 24 day challenge, but I’m a bit hesitant. With all the mixed reviews, I”m so scared that i’ll be the few percentages that won’t lose any weight in the 24 day challenge!

    Your post really did help me though, I think I might try it.


    p.s. any other comments about it? I feel like I need to be encouraged and pushed to buy it haha

    • lauren says

      Hi Tesia, first of all that is so great you have a trainer. You sound like you’re already motivated and exercise is the best place to start. The 24 Day Challenge will completely change the way you look at the food you eat, and hopefully help create a long term lifestyle change. It seriously was the perfect jump start for me, and so many of my friends have had great results as well. You know I’m 110% behind it…so if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email! Good luck!

    • says

      I usually never comment on this kind of thing; however, I am a 40-year-old with hypothyroidism who could never lose weight. I seriously have tried every thing out there. A friend introduced me to Advocare and I’m so thankful. I only lost about 8 pounds on the 24 day challenge; however, I lost about 12 inches in my waist and hips (I didn’t measure anywhere else). I have been doing Advocare since the beginning of July 2013 and so far I’m down 30 pounds and have gone from a size 16 to a size 8. I have since signed up to be a distributor and am now an Advocare junkie. Not to mention I have completely come out of my depression thanks to Clear Mood and I feel like I’m 20 again. I, too, quit coffee and now only use Spark. That speaks volumes for me considering I was a 4 pot a day girl and a Starbucks junkie. I would seriously hit Starbucks at least 3 times a day. I can’t say enough good things about Advocare and how much better I feel. Hope this helps some.

      • lauren says

        Deborah WOW- Advocare has really changed your life…and I love it! What an amazing story. Who knew you could turn things around for you in your 40s by trying something totally new to you. So awesome it has done so many wonderful things for your health, there is nothing more important. Congrats on your lifestyle changes and thank you again for sharing your story with me and my readers!

      • AManda says

        I just did the challenge and lost 9lbs and just a few inches. However, I did not do the catalyst and the thermoplus. Could that have been what I was missing to get drastic results?

        • lauren says

          The average weight loss during the 24 Day Challenge is 5-10lbs so it sounds like you had incredible results. This is a lifestyle change, and the 24 days is just a jumpstart to long term changes. Keep at it and you will reach your goals. Great job!

  6. kara olding says

    Hi…I am day 16 od the 24 challenge and I haven’t lost any weight. I’m super depressed. I work out 5 days a week so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong????

    • lauren says

      Hi Kara. How is your carb/grain intake? I know the challenge allows things like sweet potatoes, whole wheat products, brown rice, oats etc. but I think it’s important to not indulge in many of those and if you do have them in the morning to fuel the rest of the day and taper them as the day goes on. Also portion control is important. If you are on the smaller side to begin with you may not see as much weight loss as you will inches lost and firming/toning. If you follow the system, work out, and eat the 3 small meals plus 2 snacks a day, you should be seeing great results. Have you also been taking Catalyst during the challenge? I’m sorry you are feeling frustrated by it, keep at it! It’s a lifestyle change, that if you commit to it you will see many benefits to come. E-mail me if you have more questions and Ill be happy to help. Good luck!

      • AManda says

        I didn’t have drastic results like I thought I would being bigger. However, I did not do the catlyast or thermoplus during my challenge. My questions is what is an example of a menu someone would use for the day on a 24 day challenge? I am thinking maybe my diet wasn’t quite right?

  7. says

    Have you ever thought about creating an ebook or guest authoring on other blogs?
    I have a blog based on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information.
    I know my readers would appreciate your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

  8. Diana says

    I’m interested in the 24 day challenge but afraid of the niacin intake how did you do with it? I’m 5″6 120lbs but want to get back down to 105. Should I just do the spark catalyst and thermoplus and do you sell it ?

      • Megan says

        Could you send me an email as well regarding the niacin? I have been on the fence with advocare and this is my main concern so I would love if someone could explain/elaborate?

        Thank you,

  9. Deanna says

    Hi Lauren!
    I am on day 11 of the 24 day challenge…I did the 10 cleanse twice last year and loved it! I lost 25 lbs over the past year and a half but I fell off the clean eating wagon and put 18 of it back on :( Enter the 24DC!! I just recently started reading your blog and you truly lit the fire to get my rear in gear!! You look fantastic!!! My question is this…I know I won’t lose the amount I need to in the 24 days, so in addition to the products you continue to use, do you think it’s ok to continue to use the shakes? Essentially continuing days 11-24 for another 14 days? I’ve read that you can do the cleanse every 90 days but is that just for the 10 day herbal cleanse? Thanks so much!!

  10. Cheyenne says

    Amazing, you look so good & I’m so happy to see how healthy you are. You’ve made me very interested in this Advocare stuff! I’m currently 7 months pregnant and, yes, I’m already looking into how I’m going to get back into shape after a squeeze my little man out! I was very fit before getting pregnant, I was running three times a week, and keeping my core crazy strong with pole fitness every single day. I’ve been working out, but very lightly with walking and yoga during my pregnancy and I’m certainly getting quite more squishy than I intended too. Haha, I was hoping you could maybe email me and let me know if I can do advocare while breastfeeding, and how soon you think I could start after having my baby. Also, pricing and such. Thank you (:

    • lauren says

      Thanks Cheyenne! Love your comment and will definitely be sending you an e-mail soon. Great questions and I love how you are planning ahead :). Look forward to chatting with you!

  11. Sarah says

    I am currently doing the 24 day challenge and I do agree I have more energy and I sleep better throughout the night. My problem is….I’m not really seeing results like I thought I would. I’m trying to stick to the strict diet but with a fiance who eats just about every and anything I find myself making two meals a day, one for him and one for me. Do you have any suggestions on meals that we will both enjoy and advocare friendly?
    Much appreciated and I hope I start losing to look as great as you do.

    • lauren says

      Thanks so much Sarah! It sounds like you are doing great…don’t worry about your results being something you see immediately. This is a lifestyle change and these 24 days are meant to teach you things you can carry on forever for long term and lasting results. So definitely keep at it. If you go to the search bar on the right side of my page and type in “meal plan monday” you will find lots of my favorite challenge friendly recipes. My family loves them so hopefully your fiancé will too. Keep up the great work!

  12. Ashley says

    I know this is an older post, but I was curious… You mention that you take the Catalyst before your morning workout, and I also noticed you are supposed to take it on an empty stomach, so does that mean that you don’t eat before your morning workout? Like I said, just curious! I’m looking to try it myself but am trying to work out the timing! Thanks!

    And also, congrats on your weightloss, you look amazing!

    • lauren says

      Hi Ashley- thank you for your comment. Yes, I take it on an empty stomach and don’t eat before I work out. I have been doing fasted cardio (cardio first thing in the am on an empty stomach) then I will drink a Muscle Gain protein shake and do weight training right after. Then come home and eat breakfast. I hope this helps. Thank so much for your nice comment :)

  13. Alice says

    Great advice! I’m currently doing the 24 day challenge, I’ve lost 10 lbs so far and I still have 12 days left! I was wondering, what’s next? This was perfect advice. Congratulations to you and your husband, keep up the good work. God bless!

  14. kARA says


  15. Andi says

    I’m a little confused about when to take catalyst. I’m starting the 24 day challenge on Monday and ordered Catalyst to go with it because everyone loves it so much. Do I take it in the AM or before I workout? I wish I could see a timed out schedule of when to take all of the products. I’m a little overwhelmed.

    • lauren says

      I would get with your coach (the distributor you purchased from) and they should have a timeline for you with everything you will need and when to take it. As for Catalyst I personally take two in the morning and two in the afternoon. I hope your challenge is going great so far, sorry I am just now seeing your blog comment!


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