Workout Wednesday {running edition}

Well I finally hit a big running milestone this past weekend…I ran 10 miles!  Double digits!  It felt great, and I’m feeling more and more confident about the decision to run my first half marathon in 2 months.  I’d like to keep working on my endurance and speed, upping my mileage a bit more, and trying my best to stay injury free.  In an effort to do so, I’m convinced that the right running gear can really make such a huge difference in your comfort level and your performance.  For Workout Wednesday I wanted to share a few of my favorite running items that I have come to love over the last 7 months.

I have to start with my running shoes.  They have honestly changed my life.  Say hello to my newest pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 in purple and neon green.

brooks adrenaline GTS 13

I love my white and blue ones so much, I got the same exact style but just in another color.  I can’t stress enough the importance of getting the best shoe FOR YOU.  Definitely hit up a running store to get fitted for a shoe that suits you best.  They usually have a great return policy that allows you to return your worn shoes within a month if they aren’t the right ones for you.  These shoes took away my blisters, saved my toenails, and more importantly took away ALL of my excruciating hip pain.  I’m ready to buy every color of them!

Speaking of blisters I’m also a huge fan of Wright Coolmesh II socks.  They are lightweight, double layer socks that allow you to have fabric on fabric contact instead of your socks rubbing directly against your shoes.  They also have a mesh panel that allows for maximum “wicking” action away from the foot, keeping you drier and cooler than other socks.  They aren’t cheap but they are definitely worth it!

wright coolmesh tab sock

I also have a love for any and all Lululemon running gear.  I know their clothing is pretty pricey, but a few staple pieces can really go a long way in your comfort level.  There is nothing more annoying than  being bothered by your clothing while you are running a long distance.  Shorts riding up, shirts stretching out, clothing getting too sweaty and clingy.  Here are a few of my favorites for warm weather running.  I’m sure my list will be updated come Fall/Winter.  I’m not even sure I have the words to accurately describe how amazing these items feel when you wear them…just go try them on and you will instantly know the difference.

Run: Speed Short

lululemon run speed shorts

Run: Pace Setter Skirt

{because why not feel comfortable AND cute?…don’t worry there are built-in spandex shorts under there}

lululemon run pace setter skirt

Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback

lululemon run swiftly tank

So now that you are looking good and feeling good in what you’re wearing I wanted to share some of my favorite products I have been using too.  Before every run I drink a small amount of Spark, and take two Catalyst and two O2 Gold pills.  The Spark drink is for energy {I like grape and fruit punch the best}.  The Catalyst is for muscle and energy sustaining and production.  The O2 Gold is for increased endurance, oxygen levels and energy as well.  Can you run without them?  Sure.  Do I think they make a difference if you do use them?  Absolutely!

Advocare Spark

The newest addition to my supplement/product intake is using a product called Rehydrate.   This is an awesome electrolyte replacement drink that also contains amino acids.  I use one packet with 8oz of water and fill up one bottle on my hydration running belt.   This tastes so good, prevents cramping, and of course keeps you hydrated and full of energy during those longer distance runs.

A2412I also just started using these Jelly Belly Sport Beans thanks to a recommendation from my friend Liz who is training for her first marathon! I like how small they are so they fit right into the pouch of my running belt, they taste really good, and they give you that extra burst of energy you need.  I haven’t tried any energy gels yet, but I have a feeling I will prefer these especially when it comes to the texture.jelly belly sport beans

I keep mentioning a running belt and THIS is the one that I use.  I really like the size of the bottles and the location of them, but I am still trying to figure out the best way to situate the belt itself.  It’s been so comfortable and barely noticeable some runs and other times it slides all the way up wave above my belly button and drives me nuts.  I think this is just going to work itself out by me just figuring how tight I should be wearing it.

Fuel belt

 Lastly, I’m so in love with my Stridebox subscription!  For $15 a month I get a new box sent to me FILLED to the brim with “stuff runners want”.  I’ve been trying out all different kinds of bars, drinks, chews, gear etc and love that I can find new favorites without having to buy them individually at a store {for much more money}.

sb-three-samplesSo there you have it, a few of my favorite things!  I’d LOVE to hear from other runners out there what some of your other must-have items are.  I am still so new to all of this running stuff that I welcome any new advice and of course inspiration from those of you have been doing this for awhile now.  Thanks for reading!  Now lace up those shoes, grab your gear , leave your stress behind and get out there and RUN!!!


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  1. says

    I recognize some of those things! Ha ha. So glad you are liking some of these items…those beans are so much easier than any other method, IMO (though I do like some gel blocks!).

    Speaking of running, I just spent the last hour reading through people’s MCM recaps. I can’t decide if I am more nervous or more excited now… :-P

    • lauren says

      Where can you read these stories? I’d love to read some too!! Yeah I’d say we have similar tastes when it comes to running stuff lol…gotta try some gel blocks!

    • lauren says

      While of course you can just drink to thirst I remember reading its best to drink water for every 20 min of running (like 4-6oz). Hopefully that helps :). Love how into running you are getting!!

  2. says

    Can I just wear those cute shoes and shorts/skirt and get a bod like yours? Nothing else about running really appeals to me. Hmph. ;-) Keep up the great work – I’m having fun just cheering you on!

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