Just begin…

I can’t tell you how many times I have opened the “create new post” window to write this, and ended up walking away from my computer at a loss for words.  With the new year just around the corner, of course I am always brought back to the place I was this exact time two years ago.

Maybe you are reading this right now, with similar feelings I was having at that time in my life.  Why am I always so tired?  Why do I get stressed over the littlest things?  I don’t feel comfortable in anything I wear.  I’m not really happy with my reflection in the mirror.  Where is my motivation?  I don’t have T-I-M-E to do anything for myself.  I know I’m a great mom, but I want to contribute MORE.  Where has my career gone?  Will I ever get it back?

Don’t get me wrong…I was happy with my life, I’m just not sure I was happy with the way I was participating in it.  I knew I deserved more, that I could do more, and ultimately BE more.

I have forever struggled with my weight.  I was always a chubby kid and got to sport the nickname “Cheesepuff” throughout middle school.  You know, fluffy and round…cute right?  I would find a way to lose some weight (not in the healthiest of ways), and then of course gain it all right back.  On my wedding day I remember feeling awesome weighing in at 112 lbs, and having to get my dress taken in again, and again, because this NO CARB thing sure was working!  As with everything I did, it only worked for so long.  In came the comfort of my marriage, stress from job changes,  and of course growing my two children and I was now hanging out in the 150s.  Not to get hung up on weight, because I have learned now that it really is just a number…but at that point in time it literally weighed heavy on me because I knew it represented giving up on myself.

If you have been my friend, or followed my blog, you know my story by now.  If you are new, you can rewind back to exactly two years ago when I wrote my first ever post on this blog about the 10 lbs I lost in 24 days.  Yes, that was such an exciting part of what came as a result of my decision to take the 24 Day Challenge, but what has since transpired has been pretty life changing for my family.

Advocare before & after 1

– My husband and I have gone on to lose 90lbs together.  90lbs!!!!  Greg is a new man…a healthier man!  And because of this I know I will have him in my life a heck of a lot longer.  He is HEALTHY.  The healthiest he has ever been.

AdvoCare Before and After

– My family knows how to eat now.  Well better yet, this mama knows how to COOK now!  Gone are the days of butter and cheese slathered on everything.  Microwaved foods, diet drinks, overly processed and packaged items…not in this house!!  Sugar is a foreign concept too, and our fridge is overflowing with bright, colorful, nutritious and fresh ingredients.  Simple, home cooked meals are on the table every night!  Talk about saving money on how much food we used to order in.


–  Energy!  Oh the annoying, over the top energy! I sometimes wish I could just sit still and do nothing but I can’t!  Say  goodbye to the days of TV watching, nap-taking, and boredom.  Well I wouldn’t say I was ever really bored, I think I just found ways to keep myself busy.  And that’s all it ever was….now my time is PURPOSEFUL!  My kids have a crazy lady for a mommy and they love it! lol

Long Beach half 2013

– I exercise…and I mean I REALLY exercise.  I wake up at the butt-crack of dawn every single day (there’s that energy again) and get myself to the gym!  No excuses, and it’s go time.  I workout hard.  Any frustrations that could have been leftover from the day before, are now gone and I get a fresh and invigorating start to my day.  I also get biceps too! lol  See how this is a win/win?  This is where I need to give a huge shoutout to AdvoCare’s Performance Elite line…game changer!


- I have wonderful friends.  New friends!  INSPIRING friends!!   AdvoCare has brought THE MOST AMAZING people into my life.  It honestly brings me to tears as I am typing this having name after name run through my mind that I know now through this adventure.  Not to mention people from the past, that I have grown close with because we came together in the name of good health.  There aren’t enough words to sum up the greatness that I am surrounded by.  When you find others that share your interest in being the best versions of themselves all you do is lift one another up.  It’s the most incredible part of all of this.  Hands down.


10686957_10152751003005429_4440594749742175084_n Naples 3

– Income.  There I said it.  Yes…I do make an income for doing this.  It’s actually an incredible one, that most days I feel undeserving of.  Did you read above about all those people I love….I literally get paid to help THEM do their very best.  This opportunity wasn’t ever my intention, and never in a million years did I think I would end up in Direct Sales.  Say what you will about this type of business model….no wait….DON’T.  Unless you have experienced it for yourself, you will never understand the respect that comes with being a part of a company like AdvoCare.  They always say that this company allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things and that is exactly what it does…

Naples 8

 –  TIME with my boys.   Yes, I was already a Stay-at-Home mom when I did my first 24 Day Challenge, but I have always felt like I was on a deadline.  A confusing deadline.  Will I open up my Interior Design business again?  Will I eventually have to go work for someone else?  How in the world would I go back to the 9-5 schedule?  What other kind of business could I do from home?  I really don’t ever want to work for some else again, but I also don’t want to deal with the headaches that come with running your own business.  In enters AdvoCare….my unexpected answer to ALL of this.  I found something that provides me with comparable income to a 40+ hour work week however it requires extremely part-time hours which still allows for full-time Mom hours.    I am ALWAYS with my boys…we actually spend a little too much time together lol.  I wouldn’t trade this precious time with them for anything…and well now, I don’t have to.


 – A stronger marriage.  Greg and I have always been close, but I felt like he got the short end of the stick after we had kids.  For all the reasons I have mentioned above, my life had changed.  That confident, working, and energetic wife now felt like she was living in yoga pants, lost her spunk (was just REALLY tired), didn’t feel attractive carrying around 30 extra lbs, and wasn’t really sure of her identity anymore.  I know my purpose was to be a great mom…I had that covered since I was spending every second of my day just doing things for them.  Even if we did find the energy to go on a date night, I would end up upset by the end of the night telling Greg just how different life felt for me.  He still got to get dressed up, go to work, socialize with adults, eat lunch in peace….I just felt like I was holding these things over his head because I was jealous I didn’t get to do any of that anymore.  We never fought over these things, I just let these thoughts take over my head and felt resent for things that had nothing to do with HIM and everything to do with ME.  Let’s just say all those thoughts are a thing of the past.  They always say happy wife, happy life right?  You have to work on yourself first ladies!  Your life only gets better when you do!


- PURPOSE.  Above all…my family is and always will be my entire purpose.  Nothing over the last 2 years changed in regards to that.  However, my drive comes from a different place now.  We can only rise when we help lift others, and that has become my fuel.  To lend a hand in someone else’s success and confidence will pay you in ways no “job” ever could.  This whole experience begins for yourself, but eventually becomes about helping everyone else.  If I can play any role in a healthier and happier you, I can’t think of anything more rewarding than that.  I’ve watched countless lives change as a result of so many of us sharing our own struggles and successes.  That is purpose at it’s finest…live your life to be the best example you can be, and hope you can can create that same desire in others.  This starts from my family and extends to yours and will be what continues to motivate me to be a better person.


I share this all with you because it’s my story, and it’s worth sharing each part of it in hopes that someone else may connect with one little piece of what I wrote.  I needed to see someone else’s changes before I knew I could do it, and that I wanted them badly enough for myself.  Excuses were easy to make, being comfortable was easy to do, so I knew staying the same was not going to be an option but it was going to take some work.

Believe it or not I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions.  Usually those come in the form of a list, you dive in head first, with excitement, and give it your all….at the beginning.  If I would have listed out,  lose 30 lbs, make only healthy foods for my family, exercise daily, quit drinking diet soda, stop drinking coffee, make new friends, find new interests, strengthen our marriage, travel more, earn an income for our family, stop watching television, increase my energy, be a better mom….PHEW I would have been exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling a bit defeated before I even started.  We all know that goals without plans are just wishes.

Starting somewhere small is perfect…just START.  January 5th is going to be a starting point for hundreds and hundreds of others who are ready to commit to doing something a little different this year.   Of course you can jump in with both feet, grab a 24 Day Challenge and come join us for our biggest group challenge to date…but I want to hear your story first if you are willing to share it.  E-mail me, message me on Facebook, reach out to me on Instagram, leave me a comment here….maybe weight loss isn’t your focus, maybe you’re looking to gain some muscle, learn healthy recipes for your family, maybe the idea of some more time with your children is weighing heavy on you, maybe you’re hoping to surround yourself with more positive people in 2015, maybe you are looking to provide an extra source of income for your family, maybe you’re exhausted and could use some energy.  Maybe you don’t realize you need or want any of those things….originally, I didn’t either, but to know they now exist for me all under one AdvoCare roof has been eye-opening to say the least.

A year is simply a measure of time, but it’s a way to distinguish a period of memorable occurrences in your life.  That year you were born, that year you graduated high school, that year you went to college, that year you fell in love, that year you got married, that year you had your first child…what if 2015 could be that year that you made a decision that ultimately gave you more years?  More meaningful, healthy, positive, and purposeful years with those that you love the most?  2013 was that year for me.  This year can be YOUR year…all you have to do begin!


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    • lauren says

      That’s just SO awesome Mia! Congrats to the both of you. Doing this as a team is the best part, and I know you’ve added so much to both your lives by working together! Keep up the amazing and inspiring work!

    • lauren says

      You’re doing so great already Shelly! Just keep up the amazing work you are doing, keep sharing, and stay enthusiastic just as you are! Love having you a part of our Advocrew!! :)

  1. GINA Gallisa says

    Great post! You are writing exactly where I’m at. Im so so tired all the time. Even on a long crazy day, I use to have pulled through. I gained 25llbs after Siren was born. I’m currently 223 pounds. I’m sweating all the time. I can’t sleep, my mind is not quite or at peace. When I go to the gym, its usually to sleep because they have free child care. I can’t manage may way health wise out of a bag. I know what healthy clean eating is and couldn’t organize myself alone to follow it. I so need this change in my life xo

    • lauren says

      So you’re ready to start my friend? I know something a little SoCal Santa would like to send your way. You have been so incredibly strong this last year Gina…it’s your turn to shine!!! If you even put half the effort into yourself, that you do those two cuties of yours, you will reach your goals and then some. Cheers to 2015 lady!

  2. Dotsie says

    Whoa, you almost got me a little teary eyed, my Meathead friend!! :-)

    Now i have to go sit and evaluate my life…

    Great post!

    • lauren says

      Awww I love ya Dotsie! You life is awesome…no need to revaluate! Just keep being YOU my friend! You don’t need to “just begin”…you started a long time ago and Im proud of you!

  3. says

    Such a great motivating story Lauren!! Becky (Olives N Wine) introduced me to Advocare. I have no plans to participate in this challenge, but have enjoyed their rehydrate and advo bars for now. I made big changes in my life this year that helped me to become a happier and healthier person and things that I am proud of. So great to hear your amazing story and definitely inspiration for my future when I hope to become a great mom and wife.

    • lauren says

      Thank you so much for your very sweet comment Alicia and congratulations on your big life changes as well. You should be so proud!!! Becky is my girl!! And she is one of the amazing people I have met through AdvoCare and Im so happy you enjoy following along in her adventures as well. Thank you so much for stopping by and keep up the great work you have been doing right into 2015!

  4. SImone says

    I love you story it is so inspiring! As a mom of three boys (7, 6, and 2) I am in a bit of a rut with my workouts, eating right and my overall well being. I recently purchased some SPARK off of Amazon and have fallen in love, it has really helped with my coffee addiction that was just giving me short burst of energy followed by a crash not to long after drinking it. Would love some more info on the 24 day challenge..

    • lauren says

      Thank you so very much!! I bow down to you…boy mom of 3!! I know you are busy!!! I am so happy you are loving Spark and will most definitely shoot you an e-mail today re: the 24 Day Challenge. Have a great weekend!!

  5. Priscilla says

    I’m loving your blog! I just recently discovered it. Im taking some advocate products but am fairly new to it. What all do you take throughout the day?

    • lauren says

      Hi Priscilla, I am so happy to hear you enjoy my blog. THANK YOU! Gosh the better question is what AdvoCare products DON’T I take haha. You can find me using Spark, Catalyst, MNS, Rehydrate, Mass Impact, Muscle Gain, BioCharge, Muscle Strength etc etc etc. I honestly love it all!! Are you a distributor? Once you get that discount it’s extra fun to pick and choose different things to try and see which are your favorite! :)

  6. says

    I’ve been following you on instagram forever and had to come to the blog to read this post. You’re such an inspiration. After having two kids back to back I’m ready to get my body back. I’m interested in an advocare 10 or 24 day challenge but I’m still nursing my 2 month old and I didn’t know if that would ruin my milk supply. Not sure if you have any advice on this but would love some feedback if you have any. Hope you had a great holiday!

      • Nzam says

        I love your blog! I signed up for advocare, been using a few things but sadly the person I signed under doesn’t really do anything so I have had no “coaching” on really how to make it work for me financial!

  7. Melissa says

    I’ve followed you on Instagram for forever and just today, I decided to look in to what you were doing. I’m a single, full-time working momma to two of the most adorable little kids. I lost a lot of weight during 2013 but it was really unhealthily. I maintained for most of 2013, but I’ve recently started gaining again. I would love some more information on the 24 day challenge. You are truly an inspiration.

  8. Natalie says

    Today, I ordered my first challenge and was told about your website. Between reading your blogs and talking with my distributor (she will be known as coach after this i am sure) I, for once, am truly excited. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Finding energy, losing weight, and loving myself have been hard my entire life; any medication ever given to me by a doctor to help me has made me sick. For once, I feel like there is a finish line in my future with Advocare. Thank you for your uplifting, positive blog and being an inspiration!

    • lauren says

      That is awesome you have committed to doing this. You will do GREAT!!! Please report back and let me know what you though…can’t wait to hear your success story!!! You’ve got this!

  9. Joanna says

    Your posts have inspired me to become a better me and to focus more on myself! I just ordered advocare and can’t wait to start! Thanks for posting your story! You are such an inspiration!

  10. amy showers says

    Hello! After seeing your photos all over instagram and stumbling across your blog I had to introduce myself to such an inspiring, uplifting woman like yourself! My name is Amy and I am “ALL IN!” I will be staring my 24 Day Challenge tomorrow. I have already done the Lean in 13 for 2 cycles and I lost 15 lbs. I am so excited to being my new journey tomorrow! And just wanted to thank you for being so inspiring and ALIVE! You were beautiful before but now it seems as though you radiate happiness and, well, life! I can’t wait to feel the way you do! I am ready to change my life forever! Thanks again! You are awesome! :)

    • lauren says

      Thank you so much Amy that just put the biggest smile on my face!! You are so right..this really has made me feel ALIVE in so many ways the biggest being “meeting” encouraging people like yourself. So I really do appreciate it more than you know. Awesome for committing to go ALL-IN. I have no doubt you will rock it!!! Please say hi on Instagram and let me know how you end up doing! You’ve got this!

  11. says


    I came across your blog many times after hours on pinterest planning meals for my 24 day challenge. This is the first time reading your story and it shocked me. We have so many similar things in common that hit home. Every single reason you wanted to make this change is reasons I am making this change. The wondering why your tired, or not liking the reflection in the mirror. The small fights with the hubby because you just cant get things out of your mind that has absolutely nothing to do with him. I just recently moved because of my boyfriends job a great job in the NFL and I struggled with finding my purpose here my career here and I found myself jealous of his career and friends and instead of being happy for him i fought because I was unhappy with myself. I have committed to making this change but I wish I would of found this before so I could of joined your facebook group. Is it too late? i know its private and I didn’t buy my challenge for you but I could really use the support system and ideas. Your story is truly an inspiration and it has helped me realize this is about a commitment and i can do this. Thank you for sharing your story it has touched me more than you will ever know.


    • lauren says

      Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comment Emily. It means a lot to mean that you connected with it so much, and that you are taking the jump towards making some big changes for yourself as well. When you have a chance could you e-mail me at heylaurenrene@gmail.com…I would love to chat with you some more!

  12. says

    I love reading your blog! I had just signed up for Advocare and then came across you! I am currently using Spark and Catalyst but am curious which of the performance line you use? I work with a personal trainer and have about 100 lbs to lose.
    Thanks for all of your encouragement!


    • lauren says

      I am so sorry I am just seeing this comment. I have stopped getting blog comment notifications for some reasons and have like 20 comments sitting here I never saw!! As for performance products I love Mass Impact, Muscle Gain, vo2 Prime bars, Muscle Fuel, Nighttime Recovery. Really they are all amazing. However is weight loss is still your goal I would really focus on your clean eating, MNS 3, Spark and Catalyst and keep your Max Phase regimen going. Keep up the great work!


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