Workout Wednesday

This week is looking a little different when it comes to my workout schedule.  Typically Shane goes down for a nap at 9:00am and I will do the elliptical in the garage while Nathan plays outside with me.  This has worked out so great!  I can workout for 45 minutes, Nathan gets to play in the yard, and I still get time to shower after and then we head out for the day.

Just when I was really getting into this schedule and enjoying it, Shane has decided that morning naps aren’t his thing anymore.  Scratch that, napping in general, isn’t his thing anymore.  I’ve been trying to transition him to one nap since that seems to be what he wants, but he ends up only napping 45 minutes-1 hour smack dab in the middle of the day.  He spends the rest of the day cranky, and I spend the rest of my day flustered and exhausted.

Starting the day off with a workout has been such a great source of energy and motivation for me to keep the rest of my day going.  I know it’s only been a few days of this change, but it’s really throwing me off and I feel like I’m just dragging.  I’d love to wake up before the boys and get in my elliptical time but Shane is up between 5:45-6:00am everyday so you do the math on that one.  I’m a morning person but that’s not happening.

The last two evenings I’ve really had to dig down deep and find the energy to go for a run as soon as Greg gets home.  It’s actually been a nice change to run while it’s still light out, get out my frustrations from the day, get home within 30 minutes (been aiming to keep to 3 miles at around a 9 minute pace), and then dive right into the dinner time madness.  It would be nice to be out there longer but there are mouths to be fed, a dog to be walked, kids to be bathed etc etc.  Greg would totally do it all but I can’t, in good conscience, let him try to fight that battle on his own after he’s had a long day.

Mamas…when do you find the time to workout?  How do you fit it all in, or are you struggling with finding a routine too?

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On a side note…I think 99.9% of the reason I enjoy going for a run is because I get to listen to my cheesy music.  I actually find myself singing when I run…maybe it helps with my breathing? haha.  I wanted to share what’s on my “Workout Mix 2013″.  You can either laugh at my song selections, OR let me know a song or two that really gets you going when exercising.  I love when a new, fun song pops up on my playlist….so please, let’s hear what’s on yours.


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  1. says

    I totally agree – the cheesy music is what gets me going!! Sometimes, when I can’t get a workout in during the day, I am so fried when Stuart gets home, I NEED to put the earbuds in and blast cheesy music, workout, and ignore everything else. It is such good therapy haha! I really struggle to find a regular routine.. these boys are unpredictable!

    • lauren says

      The evenings really are SO hard!!! Why can’t WE ever dictate how the day goes anymore? Wishful thinking right? I’m so tired today I’m not even sure my cheesy music will help get me motivated!

  2. says

    The one nap transition really threw off my am workout schedule. I love am workouts and now I either take Greyson to the gym with me while Avery is at school in the am, or take them both then or squeeze in an at home workout while Greyson naps. I just feel so much better getting it all done in the am and I am just hoping I will be able to get back to that schedule again soon. When we were in Cali most gyms had pretty good childcare and it gets the kids nice and tired for nap time!

  3. lauren says

    You know Lindsay that’s a great idea and exactly what I’m going to start doing on Nathan’s school days. I’m so thrown off by Shane’s awful napping that didn’t even come to mind as a solution. Tomorrow you’re coming to the gym with me little buddy! Lol

  4. Jessica says

    Have you tried working out while they are eating lunch? I don’t know about your kiddos but Ella takes an hour plus to finish any meal.

    • lauren says

      I wish I could Jess but Shane is a human garbage disposal. He eats and eats and eats and screams between bites because he wants more lol. Lunchtime is a complete blur! I literally run back and forth from the fridge to the counter cutting up more stuff so I guess that’s a bit of a workout lol

  5. says

    I hate the gym with passion. I am an outdoorsey person and love to exercise outside. But after years of inconsistant workouts ( a run here and a bike ride there and I am so sorry honey but can I please nip out for a…) I gave in and joined the local gym that has a kids room. I aim for an hour a day and try to do classes more then actual workouts but I did get a trainer to make me a plan that optimizes the time I spend on the machines. My son actually loves going to the kids room and playing with his peers. I try not to take him everyday so it still feels like a ‘treat’. I am learning to like the elliptical ( we don’t have cable so I catch up on CSI) and I even lifted weights the other day! I have also met a lot of local people I never would have as a stay at home mom and scored some great bookings for my business.
    Check if you have a nice local gym around.

  6. Darcie Mumley says

    Oh man, right now I’m feeling like I will never be able to workout again! Maybe on the weekends? The breastfeeding is good for calorie burning but nothing feels as good as a long run by myself.

    • lauren says

      You will get at it before you know it! It’s hard when they are so little and when you are nursing. I felt like both boys were always attached to me and just had no motivation to workout since I was up all night with them! I’m sure you are going through the same thing right now. You’ve always been so active and outdoorsy, you’ll find your groove again! You’re just too busy being an awesome mom that’s all!

  7. Tracy says

    I know I is early but I do try to get up before my boys and work out –4:30/ 5 am—– with three boys four and under the only way I can guarantee a work out is in the morning. Plus I find that if I don’t get a run in first thing I am anxious the rest of the day because I am worried I won’t get my run in :)

    • lauren says

      S U P E R M O M!! Seriously I don’t know where you find the motivation with THREE young boys!! I definitely understand wanting to get your workout over and done with in the morning though! Do all your boys sleep through the night? We just barely got there with Shane a few months ago so I’m enjoying “sleeping in” until 6 hahaha. Keep up the great work!!!

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