Hello Wednesday

May 2013 Beach Day 2

I feel like I've fallen off the blog wagon, and I'm not sure how to jump back on.  I told myself that I would never make this blog feel like something I have to do, or it will have lost it's purpose in it being something that I enjoy doing.  Typically I write my posts late at night once Greg has fallen asleep next to me.  He goes to bed at a reasonable time, like most people would do when they get ... [ Read More ]

Weekend recap {Color Run & Mother’s Day}

The Color Run 1

Happy Monday!!  To all my mama readers....I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day and were spoiled rotten!  Obviously, I think moms should be appreciated and loved 365 days a year, but hopefully yesterday was just a little extra special for you! We had an AWESOME weekend...gorgeous weather, and equal balance of fun and relaxation, got in some great exercise, and most importantly soaked in all ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap & Phone photo dump


Is it really already Tuesday?  What a fun last 4 days we had around here!  I'm spent!!  I have a camera full of photos to edit, but zero motivation to actually do so.  For now, here is an update from our weekend with a whole bunch of iPhone photos. Friday we went to Tanaka Farms with some friends and did a tractor tour and strawberry picking.  The kids had an awesome time eating freshly picked ... [ Read More ]

Did Daddy Kiss Me?

photo (13)

Every morning before Greg leaves to work he does his round of kisses and says his "I Love You"s.  Since both our boys are early risers we are normally all awake to say bye to Daddy at his 7:00am departure.  On the rare occasion Nathan sleeps in, or Greg needs to leave to work early, we always have a bit of an issue on our hands if Nathan doesn't get a kiss from his dad.  Usually our mornings will ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap


I don't know about you guys but I am totally dragging this Monday!  We had such a fun weekend that I think I am just feeling bummed that's it over.  Or maybe it's because we were on the constant go go go, and my exhaustion is finally catching up with me.  Either way, my eyelids are feeling heavy while I type this. Friday was in the 80s and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  There was a nice ... [ Read More ]

{I need to} Workout Wednesday

school photo

I'm happy today is hump day, because I'm really hoping to get over it and never look back. Monday was a really hard day in our house, and well...in our country.  The day just wasn't going as planned, the boys were all out of sorts, no one was napping, I don't think we got out of our PJs let alone the house.  And then I saw the news of what happened in Boston... in real time, via friends who ... [ Read More ]

All Egg-ed out!


It's been awhile since my last post...I've been up to my neck in plastic Easter Eggs! Two years ago I took Nathan to his first huge egg hunt that one of the local churches held.  There were hundreds of kids there, baskets in hands, being held back by the neck of their shirts, ready to pounce as soon as the horn sounded to start collecting.  Nathan literally got trampled, and when I finally ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap

photo (9)

I'm pretty sure most people recap their weekends right after the weekend happens, but we do things late around here.  I think Sunday nights would probably be a good time to catch up on what we did over the weekend, upload some photos and write a new post...however, I was in bed asleep by 9:30 Sunday night from a full day of fun (and too many mojitos!).  At least that is evidence of a good weekend ... [ Read More ]

Nana is here and so is Spring!


It's officially Spring!  Winter was not our friend this year, so we were more than happy to say goodbye to the colder (and sicker) days, and say hello to a new season.  Although the changing of the seasons may not be as distinct as they were growing up on the east coast, and we don't have to sit back and wait for the snow to melt, we still welcome the gradual changes with open arms. Nana flew ... [ Read More ]

Where’s my Spring Break?


Can we please get a moment of silence in honor of....a moment of silence.  A rare, fleeting, millisecond of the day that you can finally hear yourself think for the first time.  When you can sit down, close your eyes and take your first deep breath and let your brain catch up with your body and your body catch up with your brain. I don't know if it's the time change, teething, nap schedule ... [ Read More ]