Halloween & Ladies Alive Weekend Recap

Halloween 2013-2

Hey friends...it's been awhile!  Can I post a few photos from Halloween or are you too busy decorating your Christmas tree to take a look? :P  I'm not going to lie, our exterior Christmas lights went up the morning after Halloween...yup, right over the cobwebs, tombstones, ghosts and giant spiders.  Don't worry I'm not insane, we have them hung professionally by a company in our neighborhood and ... [ Read More ]

Long Beach Half-Marathon Recap

Long Beach half 2013

I DID IT!!!!  October 13th 2013 I completed my first half marathon! I look at this photo of myself today and I don't even feel like it's really me in it, or that I was the one who actually ran the race yesterday.  It was such an adrenaline filled experience that it's hard to put myself back into the feelings of the day.  All I feel now is pain in my legs and a huge feeling of accomplishment, ... [ Read More ]

And the winner is…..


The Get-Fit-Giveaway was AWESOME!   Thanks to all of you that entered and played along!  A big congrats to Courtney Roberts!!!  Hope you enjoy your new iPod Nano, Lululemon Tank, Gold Minnie Bic Band, Advocare Spark and Advocare Catalyst.  You are one lucky lady! :) Stay tuned for tomorrow's Workout Wednesday post!  We did this giveaway in the spirit of our huge group 24 Day Challenge, and ... [ Read More ]

Workout & What’s-for-Dinner Wednesday


Today I am linking up with Jenny over at Jennycollier.com and Samantha at youngfamilyoldhouse.com to share our clean eating dinner menus for the week and our workout goals.  We are a few days into the 24 Day Group Challenge we are heading up, and are having an awesome time helping others learn about something that has worked great for all three of us in the past. I've been feeling a little guilty ... [ Read More ]

Advocare Group Challenge Update


Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was filled with an equal mix of fun, relaxation and productivity.  Yeah there was some serious laundry folding going on on a beautiful sunny, Sunday afternoon but it has to get done somehow right?  Shane was napping and Nathan and Greg were out fishing (for the second time this weekend), so at least everyone else got to have ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday: Advocare 24 Day Group Challenge!

Jenny Collier

So it's been 7 months since I did my last Advocare 24 Day Challenge, and I'm getting ready to do another on September 5th.  This time I am teaming up with fellow bloggers Samantha from YOUNG FAMILY OLD HOUSE and Jenny from JENNYCOLLIER.COM to host a group challenge.  Both of these ladies had amazing results on their first challenges and are ready to give it another go! We are inviting YOU to join ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday {running edition}

brooks adrenaline GTS 13

Well I finally hit a big running milestone this past weekend...I ran 10 miles!  Double digits!  It felt great, and I'm feeling more and more confident about the decision to run my first half marathon in 2 months.  I'd like to keep working on my endurance and speed, upping my mileage a bit more, and trying my best to stay injury free.  In an effort to do so, I'm convinced that the right running ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday {Advocare 24 Day Challenge Guest Post}

Advocare 24 Day Challenge results 2

I thought I would change things up this Workout Wednesday and have a guest blogger come on over to share their experience with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  My good friend Ryann from Recipes By Ryann  just posted THIS wonderful post about some huge changes she has made to lose almost 25 lbs over the past 5 months.  I really enjoyed doing a similar guest post on my friend Jenny's blog after I ... [ Read More ]

I’m tired, but proud

boys bikes

Sorry for the blog silence lately, I've just been doing a whole lot of this... These crazy boys are keeping their mama on her toes.  We've been checking things off our Summer to-do list and trying my very best to tire these guys out!  So far so good, but it's tiring me out equally.  Speaking of tiring, I'm not sure what's been kicking my butt more...my 5:30am boot camp or my boys!  The ... [ Read More ]

Workout Wednesday {boot camp edition}


So it's pretty safe to say we have this clean eating thing down, and all this running is leading to some pretty great endurance and calorie burning...but something's been missing from the equation for awhile now and that's MUSCLE.  I've tried the machines at the gym but wish I had some guidance, I've looked into a personal trainer but I wish I had the money, and I've tried some at-home strength ... [ Read More ]