Smiling into September

Sept 2013 2

Do you ever have one of those days, weeks, months where if you didn't have photos of it you almost wouldn't believe you actually got to experience it first hand?  That's how I felt about these past five days...they were that good!  Greg took Friday-Tuesday off to get in some family time and to celebrate our 8 year wedding Anniversary.  This time together was the best gift he could have ever given ... [ Read More ]

Our week in photos

Nathan Golf 2013

See that little golfer pictured below?  He is turning FOUR in 2 days!  We have been busy planning some birthday surprises for him, and of course doing a little party planning.  I decided to scale way back this year and just have a few of his buddies over our house, but I just can't help myself when it comes to crafting up a few party things.  We are really looking forward to celebrating his ... [ Read More ]

Fun-filled Weekend Recap

OC fair 2013

I'm back....and I mean it, I'M BACK!  After a pretty craptastic last 2 weeks I'm happy to say the sicknesses have cleared our household, the sun has been shining, and my boys have been smiling.  I know a large part of the positive change has been my attitude...I really needed to pull myself out of a funk and get back at it! Thursday turned out to be a great day.  I went to morning boot camp, met ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap {4th of July}

5k 2013

I'm back after an enjoyable four day long weekend with the fam!  I hope all of you had a fantastic 4th of July too!  I'm still in a firework fog over here but I just wanted to share a few photos from our fun-filled and relaxing weekend. We kicked off our 4th by doing the Freedom Run 5k & 10k that our town holds every year.  Greg did the 10k and had to be down there by 6:45am so I got the ... [ Read More ]

Lazy Hazy Summer Weekend


Summer is in full swing, and I think my blog has decided to go on vacation along with us.  And that's ok....nothing wrong with a little rest and relaxation. We didn't do anything planned this past weekend, and I loved every single second of it.  Doing so little has never meant so much.  We are definitely always on the go, and I forgot how nice it feels to slow down and let the day unfold on it's ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap {Girls night out & Summer concert}

Mommy and Nathan

So I feel like we may have been a little selfish this weekend.  Obviously we got in tons of family time, but Greg and I got to finally fit in some time to do a few things we wanted to do too.   We try to squeeze in as many date nights as we can, but usually don't leave until the boys are in bed to get in ample kiddo time.  Plus let's be honest, they hate when we leave, but we know we need to force ... [ Read More ]

{Anne & Marc’s} Wedding Weekend Recap

rehearsal dinner my boys

I'm not even sure there are enough words to describe the amazing wedding we went to this past weekend.  It was gorgeous, romantic, elegant, unique, magical, inspiring...I really could go on and on.  I knew my friend Anne was pouring every ounce of her creativity and heart into planning this day, but I was truly blown away. Our weekend started early Friday morning when we packed up the car and ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Recap


I don't know about you guys but I am totally dragging this Monday!  We had such a fun weekend that I think I am just feeling bummed that's it over.  Or maybe it's because we were on the constant go go go, and my exhaustion is finally catching up with me.  Either way, my eyelids are feeling heavy while I type this. Friday was in the 80s and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  There was a nice ... [ Read More ]