Just Begin….well, we totally did!


Wow you guys, I am so totally blown away by your responses to my last post that it kind of knocked the wind out of me.  Hence my blog silence....I quite frankly couldn't keep up.  I didn't even blog about December, Christmas, the New Year etc etc etc.  I can assure you we were just busy enjoying it, and it was one of the most memorable ones we have had to date.  See.... I think this week has ... [ Read More ]

Meal Plan Monday- Detox edition

meal plan

Holy smokes you guys...Valentine's Day + my birthday + plus a weekend + falling off the clean eating wagon= total stomach disaster!  I think I spent most of yesterday dragging myself along, wanting to sleep, and listening to my stomach talk to me.  Don't get me wrong, I had such an awesome time but I sure paid for it!  I will show you some of my indulgences on tomorrow's Treat Yourself ... [ Read More ]

Meal Plan Monday

meal plan monday

We are breezing right through week 2 of the group 24 Day Challenge in our house, and things are going great!  Here is what we have on the menu for clean dinners this week: Monday- Shredded zucchini turkey burgers topped with grilled onions and jalapeños.  Side of baked seasoned sweet potato wedges.  I am so excited to use a new clean ketchup I bought at Whole Foods! Tuesday- Roasted veggie ... [ Read More ]

Meal Plan Monday: Clean eating banana muffin recipe

Clean banana nut muffins

Hello friends.  I hope you all had a healthy and happy weekend!  It's Monday over here and it definitely feels like it.  Greg's car got towed away this morning with a completely dead battery, Nathan spilled his bright red smoothie all over my new area rug and then proceeded to use a entire roll of toilet paper to overflow the toilet!  All before 9:00am making us late for school and feeling very ... [ Read More ]

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

photo (14)

Good morning!!  Looking for a quick, delicious, HEALTHY, and clean treat for breakfast {or any time of day at that}?  Look no further....I'm kind of in love with chia seed pudding!  I have seen a few ways to make this online, but I just stuck with what I had at home.  Here is the recipe I used for my tasty breakfast this morning! Chia Seed Pudding Recipe Ingredients: 1 part chia seeds {for my ... [ Read More ]

Weekly Meal Plan & Clean Eating Pancake Recipe

clean eating pancakes

While on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge I find breakfast to be my favorite meal of the day.  I love making different kinds of omelets, having all kinds of fruits. drinking a smoothie...there seem to be a lot of choices when it comes to clean eating breakfast options.  I also follow the philosophy that it's best to have your carbohydrates in the morning and decrease them as the day goes on.  I like ... [ Read More ]

What we’ve been eating


Although I haven't been keeping up with my Monday Meal Plans via the blog, they are always ongoing in our home.  I feel like our household has been upside down the last few weeks, but the one thing that remains constant and simple to maintain is what we are eating. I look forward to making dinner because there is some organization to it which seems to be lacking from the rest of my day. Here ... [ Read More ]

It’s Meal Plan Monday Ya’ll


Ok so I don't ever use the word "ya'll" but I just had to throw it in there after returning from my amazing two nights away in Austin, TX for a bachelorette party.  I haven't had a chance to write about my trip since I just got back yesterday afternoon (and was in bed by 7:00pm ha ha), but I wanted to do a quick Monday Meal Plan post.  I will also quickly say that Austin was AWESOME, and since I'm ... [ Read More ]

Meal planning Monday


I know every family runs dinner time differently in their household, but around here I like to have every day planned out ahead of time.  I'm terrible at doing laundry, you will never find me scrubbing anything, I don't think I've ever emptied a trash can and our bed is only made when I know people are coming over.  Crafty?  Sure!  Domestic? Not even close.  But I will make an exception when it ... [ Read More ]

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

fruit rainbow

We celebrated yesterday with friends, family and neighbors!  I think I tried every version of corned beef and cabbage known to man, and had my first Irish Car-bomb since college!  This mama still has it (not really, not really at all!). I made this easy, fairly healthy, and festive rainbow fruit platter!  Within minutes it was attacked by all the kids, and I was happy to see they went for the ... [ Read More ]